Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Blog-birthday to me!

It's a big day today! And by that, no I don't mean Super Tuesday in which the next big step in the fate of our nation will be decided. Pish. No, I mean it is my Second Blogiversary! Happy Day to Me! In honor of these two years, I have been skimming through my archives, and I've decided to link to some of my favorite posts.

It's kind of like cleaning out a purse. Like, this purse. I bought this baby in Orvieto, Italy, in 1993, when I was writing for Berkeley Guides, my alma mater's short-lived attempt to start a budget travel guide series to compete with Let's Go. Well, I love this purse, but until a few months ago I had not used it in years, and when I decided to dust it off and put it back in the purse rotation, look how many fossilized lipsticks I found in it! Seven!

And since I've never taken the trouble to put archiving tags on my blog, all my old posts are kind of like old lipsticks in the bottom of a dusty purse. Forgotten!

-- Some favorite Sunday Scribblings:
Gentlemen Send Phantoms
Ethiag the Ghost Girl
Best Things to Steal
Bed (that is, the beds of fairy tale princesses)
The Chronicles of Avery Dry (Who Put Her Soul in the Collection Plate)
The Eleventh God

--Book Firsts (all the little steps in the year of waiting for my first book to be published!)
First cover mock-up
My first book review!!
'Fantasy & Escapism' and my first book signing
My book birthday!

-- My first use of my blog for mocking an acquaintance who I hoped would never read it.

-- Notes on my amazing fashion sense.

-- Thoughts on Writing:
How to Write a Novel
Oh the Books I Would Write!
Where'd ya catch that idea?
The Ugly Stage and More on That
Persnickity (on Perfectionism)

-- Farewell to sweet Shiloh, and, sadly my most Googled post.

Sending out love to all bloggers. Mwah!


Sustenance Scout said...

Right back at you, Laini! K.

Rachel said...

Hey Laini...I am home sick today (and yesterday), did I call it or what!!?? Hope I kept my germs to myself. Anywhoo, I just started reading your blog yesterday, and today got to sample some of your past posts with your blogiversaryextravaganza! It was nice to finally meet Shiloh, though now I am all sniffly again....
Happy 2 years!

Q said...

I love your colors.

Alexandra S said...

I loved this Fatty! So many posts I had forgotten about, esp all those wonderful Sunday Scribbles!!!!! My favorite post of course was the one you wrote on May 20, 2007. In a recent poll, 100 % out of zero people agreed with me! Keep blogging away Laizi!!!

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for all the great links!
Happy 2nd Blog Birthday. Here's to many more.

Amber said...

Hmmm, but do you have my fave? Or one of them, anyway. The girls who sneak out and fall in love with angels. Love that.

oxox :)

HipWriterMama said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

chest of drawers said...

Happy blog Birthday!

tinker said...

How did I miss your blog birthday? Happy Blogiversary, Laini! Long may your blog continue to grow wings and fly...Mm~wah!