Friday, February 08, 2008

it's an amber mail day!

So, the mailman just came by and stacked a couple of packages in front of the door, and both of them were from Ambers! Thank you, Ambers!

The first one, from this lovely Amber, had this inside! Very, very sweet! She had proposed a few months ago that whoever finished their first draft of their book first would get cookies in the mail from the other one -- but I think she finished hers first, so it should be I who am sending her cookies. And now I really shall, to reciprocate the deliciousness! And a BIG congratulations, Amber, for finishing that book and sending it off to a wonderful editor who had previously expressed interest! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! Just finishing a book, this is a life-landmark that deserves huge amounts of celebration!

And in the next package, which was a weighty Amazon one that made me say, "Huh," as I am only currently awaiting one slender volume from Amazon, was from this wonderful Amber, whose blog I have been loving since my first days of blogging. And in it were these:
Which is awesome, because when I was at the bookstore last looking at baby books, I was overwhelmed by the seeming sameness of them all and did not know what to do! I just sort of stood there! And funnily enough, sweet Jennifer, who came by the other day to drop off boxes of pregnancy tea, and some books and magazines, had -- I think -- mentioned these exact Sears books as really good ones. And now I have them! And I have some reading to do!

Thanks you so much, Ambers, and Jennifer! Once again, I [heart] bloggers!

And now for something completely different, here is the trailer for the movie Jim is most excited about his year:

And second-most excited about:

Or, wait. . . Maybe it's this one:

That just makes me sad, though, because of Heath Ledger. I have bypassed the People and US magazine cover articles on his sad story, but from what little I have heard, as suspected, his overdose was an accidental combination of too many prescription meds, and it's just such a shame. Seeing this movie will be weird, like it was weird seeing Waitress knowing the writer/director/co-star had been tragically murdered earlier that year.

Anyway, there's a little sneak peak of what the year holds in store for comic book nerdlings. Good stuff!

P.S. Has Christian Bale ever played a nice guy? Everything I've seen him in, he's always this deeply intense, cold-bastard type, so I can't help but imagine that's what he's really like. I'm not saying he is. Just, I can't imagine him kicking back being a normal guy. We saw Rescue Dawn the other night, and he wasn't exactly a cold bastard, but he was just really weird -- good movie, by the way.


Jim Di Bartolo said...

Sweet sweet Ambers and Jennifer (and many others too of course :) -- everyone's been so warm and kind on the blogosphere about our great news. Thanks all!!

And as for those trailers, I do believe you nailed it on my excitement levels -- Iron Man #1 and the other two tied for second -- but all three are so SO close to being a 3-way tie for #1 it's not even funny. Thanks for collecting them all here Baby!


Heather said...

Gotta love those Ambers! The Sears' books are AMAZING! They were like bibles for me - so I hope you enjoy them! Take care.

AnnieElf said...

Well, I'm totally STOKED!!!! Not only do I get to see Iron Man this summer but HELL BOY is BACK!!! Only one thing to say - "Nuff said".

Nerd Goddess said...

Christian Bale did the voice of Howl in Howl's Moving Castle... I wouldn't call Howl cold so much as conceited, though...

Alexandra S said...

Maybe this is a sign you are supposed to name the baby "Amber."
Amber Alexandra DiBartolo...that sounds lovely. I wonder what the baby will have to say about this in his (or her) next postcard.

Amber said...

YES! That IS a PERFECT name!!!! ;)

Rent "3:10 to Yuma". It is SO GOOD, and he plays a really good man. He really should have gotten a nomination for it, imo. I'm telling you. I loved the relationship and the unspoken stuff going on between his and Russel Crow's characters. ;)

ox :)

Amber said...

...and Amber the Second says, YES to the name. It's always nice to know your name is something substantial and that you can be bejeweled in, well, yourself.

Now, be careful about those cookies. They're mostly butter and almonds! Oh, wait, you're pregnant--what the heck, eat 'em all up pronto!

The Dr Sears Breastfeeding book and Baby book are the ones I've looked at most since Elizabeth was born. Seriously, they're the best. Oh, and I actually passed by his/their office a few months ago. It was weird to see it out in the open. Seemed like since they're such celebrities, their office would be tucked away behind tall Holly bushes.

brittany said...

holy cow, laini! congratulations! I just went back and read aaaallll your great posts that I have missed since I suddenly for no good reason took a little breakie from the bloggie. (I'm still looking forward to reading all your stale lipsticks when I have a little more time...) I'm so excited for you guys! You are going to be the craziest most wonderful parents ever!

and I have all kinds of information floating around in this noggin of a mother-of-three, so if you need anything just holler.

Christian Bale played the boy in Empire of the Sun. I cry every time I watch that movie. I love it. (the movie not the crying) And he wasn't a bad creepy guy--just a boy who is trying to survive. Go rent it, but don't get mad at me if you cry.

Anonymous said...

You may be interested: a really sweet-faced Christian Bale played Laurie in the Winona Ryder/Claire Danes remake of Little Women. How's that for contrast?! :)

Lori's Lens said...

Hey Miss DiBartolo,

Remember Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun? He certainly wasn't a baddie in that one!

BTW may have won the battle in proximity...but K.E.and I go way back(think erasure and depeche mode). I like the ring of Amber Lori, or Amber Lee, or even, Amber Swing Fairy (although that could be taken out of context...)

Love to all of you from Amsterdam...

Lori Lee

tinker said...

I've always wondered what life must be like for actors who primarily play 'bad guys' - do people who see them on the street, react to them as though they were still one of their characters? That would really suck...

Glad you're being showered with Amber love - blogger love is amazing to receive. As is the love
you receive from perfect strangers when you're pregnant - though it's a little early yet, since they can't tell the gummy bear is in there - but just wait and see.

Love that your little one is so literary already - what a precocious child - postcards from the womb!

Q said...

You could also check out "Baby Wise"--it's a good system for helping babies sleep through the night, which you will appreciate.

RHRB said...

I am so excited for you, Laini! I have been following and really enjoying your blog since summer, and I was especially excited to hear your happy news since I am exactly as far along with my first baby! Congratulations and good luck. I, too, am ready for the belly. My husband said he thought he could see it today, but I'm pretty sure that was just extra cookies.

what'sinyoursoul said...

I just stopped by and...WOW!!!! Wonderful news! Personally, I never had so much writing focus than when I suddenly had No. Time. To. Write. Or think. Or sleep. Or shower. (Then it got better. I shower now...whew.) And - oh, it's just the best. Congratulations!