Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Plans by Fives


Five-Month Plan:

  • Finish writing Silksinger (hopefully sooner than that).
  • Learn to knit or crochet.
  • Go somewhere sunny that requires a bathing suit. It's been years. And no, the Oregon Coast doesn't count. If you have to wear fleece over your bathing suit, it doesn't count. Tropics. Much mutual sunscreen applying with husband.
  • Make some art. Some new Laini's Ladies, and maybe even a painting.

Five-Year Plan:

  • Write Dreamdark series, projected 5 books total.
  • Have a baby or two.
  • Go to India, maybe several times. And France. And Costa Rica. And Borneo.
  • Continue to grow Laini's Ladies line into other product categories.
  • Move into the house of our [relatively modest] dreams and paint it all kinds of colors.

Five-Decade Plan:

  • Write lots of books and stories.
  • Write and illustrate a picture book.
  • Write something about horses that necessitates taking riding lessons and going on long trail rides in magnificent places, for research.
  • Go everywhere, even Antarctica. Even Kashmir. But not space. No thanks.
  • Have a summer house. Many many decades of mutual sunscreen application with husband as we get wrinklier and age-spottier.
  • Have massive bat wings grafted to my shoulders, and learn to swoop.

How about you? Tag yourself if you like.


Joy said...

Hey your plans sound remarkably like mine! Minus specifics, of course. I don't plan to write the Dreamdark series, but I do plan to write five books in five years. And so on and so forth. How funny!

Left-handed Trees... said...

I love the idea of plans by fives...very nice. May borrow it if I can get back into the blogging groove again! Plans for five minutes from now? Getting into the car with my Rosie and driving to the park where we're not planning on doing anything but play. Sounds fun, right?

jennifer said...

I tagged myself! It was such fun!

Have you seen my trip pix? :)

Bug said...

I tagged myself too. Very fun meme. And if you need help learning to knit, give a shout! I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun meme! I think I'll have to tag myself too. :)

And hee...I think I am totally going to steal "Have massive bat wings grafted to my shoulders, and learn to swoop." as well!

Disco Mermaids said...

A swooping plan, eh? Love that!


Amber said...

Ok, I'm going to tag myself, when I get some time TO myself. :-)

Sophie said...

i am going to do this when i get back but i loved
yours - might adopt it!

the picture is so vibrant as well -

AnnieElf said...

Bat wings! Way cool!!!!

MAHIMA said...

ahhh. for a planner like me, this is like my morning round of coffee!!
i have lists and lists of plans. and happy to say i've been checking off much!! thank you for the reminder! :)
i wish you luck. i hope you manage to do all this and much more!!

Kim G. said...

Great list! So glad you all will be using lots of sunscreen! ;)

I haven't forgotten about getting you hooked up with my teacher friends. After spring break next week, I'll get back in touch with you about that project! Take care.

ceanandjen said...

This is so so lovely. It is full of hope and happiness, and I totally with you...somewhere warm and tropical sounds like a DREAM right now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I will definitely tag myself. I sincerely wish everything you have on the list for you!

megg (blogger won't let me comment!)

Diane Duda said...

you better get started! ;)

Deb R said...

I don't know if I'll do this one or not, but I sure loved reading your plan!

daffa said...

why is the house of your dreams so modest, when all of your other dreams are so grand? will you remove your other wings in order to get your bat wings grafted on? or will you have double wings? try a summer house in australia.. it's truly beautiful, you wouldn't need fleece, and you could multiply your summers (thus potentially extending mutual sunscreen application with husband)! i hope you achieve every single one of your dreams...

Sijbrich said...

I love your lists. I would like to go to Antarctica some day, too. Let's say whoever goes first tells the other one all the cool things to see there, okay?
On my list is also to travel to Easter Island and Lhasa.