Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hot Men of Children's Literature

I just popped over to Fuse #8 to get my morning fix of kid-lit news, and guess what was staring back at me? The most recent inductee into Betsy Bird's pantheon of


My husband! I love it! He joins the ranks of such creators as Neil Gaiman and Brian Selznick, and she pulled some photos off our blogs to illustrate his hotness to her wider reading public. I am so so proud to be the wife of a HMOCL!

And without further ado, here he is:

Other exciting news:
I have joined the subculture of friend-scavenging that is MYSPACE! You know, that little universe where you build a profile page, usually with a photo of yourself with your arm out in that telltale self-photographing pose? And then you send out dozens, neh, hundreds of friend requests to perfect strangers, so you can say, "I have 473 friends." Yah. That. Shameful, all of it. Tsk. So, er. . . heh heh. . . ya wanna be friends? Seriously. I scoffed before, but I see now that Myspace is not all about hooking up. There are tons of creative folks sending each other bulletins about their shows and readings and new books and stuff. AND I am proud to report I actually learned some nifty html at long last, so I could wow my new friends with my ability to center lines and enlarge text in my profile box. Are you amazed by my html prowess? No? But I can even do block quotes! I can do colors! All a perfectly legitimate use of a Saturday.

So come on over, ye legions of potential friends! Come HERE. And in case you're wondering, as of this writing, I have 34 friends. We're like that. (Picture two fingers crossed). I also have: 1 hot husband!


deirdre said...

It's always good to be married to a hottie. Congrats to both of you! Your MySpace page looks great. It's a world I haven't gotten into, and probably won't - blogger is all my tech-stunted self can handle.

Amber said...

ok, ok... I'll ask you to be my friend on myspace so you can add another notchk in your friend stick. *rushes off to myspace*

Just don't laugh when you see my page, ok?

Sophie said...

He is very cute indeed!
(love the scarf)

I am not a my-space girl but
i shall a peek of yours -


Amber said...

I would make a wolf-whistle sound here, but I'm not sure how... So...WOOHOO hot hubs in the howwwse.


tinker said...

Congratulations - to you both :-)

maggie said...

for the love of toast! brandon just joined the ranks of myspacers too and i still say NO! he spends all his computer time now mindlessly searching for more friends. okay, so its only been a few days and he promises to stop soon. you should totally look him up.

Frida World said...

Goodness, a HMOCL no less, you are quite the celebrity couple. Tell me this won't mean an end to flanels and slippers at your place.

[a} said...

such intensely blue eyes! :-o

i'm on facebook [like myspace] and i have the exact same number of friends as you! :-o

haha, i love that emoticon.

Sara said...

I'm late on finding this, but so happy that I did. Way to go, Jim...and Laini, too! You already knew he was a fine catch, but I'm sure it's both a proud and smug moment realizing the rest of the world is admiring your hot, studly man!