Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nesting Impulse

I had the urge to clean today, and that doesn't really happen very often. I mean, we keep the house clean, but it isn't every day I have the urge to scrub the floor on my hands and knees like a scullery maid. But today I did feel like it. I'm also getting the urge to change things around, to get a new rug and sofa slipcover for the living room, or. . . or something. I don't know why. A belated nesting impulse perhaps. I think it might be time to finally visit Ikea, where I have -- gasp! the horror!! -- NEVER been! One opened about 5 minutes from us a year or two ago and we've yet to go and check it out. It's not really my style, but I'm curious about it. I hear it is an experience.

How to satisfy this impulse? I think cleaning, rather than shopping is probably the way to go for now. Cheaper! And we still want to slip away to Mexico some time this spring. I was just perusing tickets and they're so affordable. My passport renewal is underway; food and hotels down in Chiapas cost practically nothing. Time to go to the jungle, I think! Just for a short trip, though I admit I do have a persistant fantasy of a long trip like I mentioned before: renting a little pink house in a pastel-colored colonial city, or perhaps a cottage in a snug beach cove with sea turtles drifting in with the waves, writing a first draft of a new book long-hand, in a polka-dotted notebook, while sitting on the terrace. Sigh.

On another subject, today I found myself back at the hospital but for an unrelated reason -- I was there for a friend, for Alexandra, who had a terrible mammogram scare, followed by a not-great ultrasound experience, topped off this morning by an MRI. It was a solemn thing, going into the brand-new Cancer Center on such an errand, and since she didn't get her results right away, the day continued solemn, until the evening when, bless him, a radiologist finally responded to her many calls and told her the good news: NO CANCER. PHEW!!! Alexandra wrote more about it here. Thank God for good news! Seeing as how it was one week to the day since I had checked into that same hospital under different circumstances, I was very, very glad to get the good news! Yay, Alexandra! She was a little freaked out by the MRI machine but handled it very well, and we picked up Jim and celebrated with pancakes right after -- well, it wasn't really a celebration, because she didn't have her results yet. It was more of a worry-fest. But that is one worry averted, thank God.

I have to say, I was really excited about 2008 at first, but it seems to be off to a rather sucky start. I didn't mention it before, but my brother and his girlfriend also lost a pregnancy last month, and my parents' cat died last week, and our dog Leroy has cancer -- diagnosed almost exactly a year after we lost Shiloh to cancer. And then there was this awful week for Alexandra, filled with the dread of cancer, and several of her friends coping with personal tragedies. It's only March -- a lot of good things could still happen this year. With luck, I will be pregnant again by summertime. And then there's a new book to write, and a trip or two, and I did just get the nice news from my editor that Blackbringer has been selected as a Bank Street College Best Children's Book of the Year, as well as receiving a star on that list! I haven't seen it with my own eyeballs yet, but it is nice to hear some good news. I feel certain there will be more good news as the year progresses. Share any good news with me here -- I'm hungry for it!

Thank you again for all your words of support, and for the beautiful camellia bush and the herb garden, the flowers and lemonade, cheesecake and chocolate, and other sweet thoughtful things that have arrived at our door, in addition to all your comments and emails. {{{HUGS}}}


ideagirl said...

hmmm...good news...good news. The good news for me is that I read your blog everyday and NEVER fail to be inspired by it -- I guess I should tell you more often...but you are AMAZINGLY talented and I love when you post.

Sorry things are bumpy for you --but take comfort in the fact that you make a big difference in randoms people's mine!


tinker said...

What an amazing friend you are, and what an amazing friend you have..
This year certainly does seem to have gotten off to a suck-y start for you - but hopefully, it's just gotten all of its suck-iness out of the way at the beginning. From now on, it will just get better and better!
Your Mexico trip sounds marvelous! Many ((hugs)) to you and Alexandra~XOXO

Deirdre said...

Certain kinds of stress make me clean house like a fiend. Life is so full of things we can't do anything about, but damnit, I can have a really clean floor. Nest away - it actually does help.

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear Alexandra's outcome was good. I was so worried. Give her a really big hug for me.

Several people I know are going through difficult times right now. More than the usual week or two of time brings. Last night I was counting on my fingers how many hard, sad things I know about right now and I'm stunned.

I'm determined to go out into the world today and have something wonderful happen. I'll report back tonight. xoxo

Q said...

My good news is that Spring seems to finally be showing its face here--I saw crocuses, I know other flowers are coming up, and I am SO excited.

Amber Lough said...

Phew for Alexandra! That must have been horrifying. Thank goodness she's cancer-free.

As for you, I shall bestow a sprinkling of good luck and good news for the rest of 2008...well, as much as one mortal being can bestow.

Also, congrats on the Bank Street listing!

Marilyn said...

So glad to hear that Alexandra's okay. You've had a rough, rough year. Here's hoping that SPRING will bring new life and new blessings to you. I loved "The Business of Being Born"...saw it at a special screening at the indie theatre near our house. Some of the births in that film just knocked me out.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those random people in whose lives you make a difference. I was floored when I finished reading your book several weeks ago. Oddly enough, it made me felt so in touch with myself, something I haven't been in a long time. Since then I've been on a personal mini quest to never lost myself again. I've turned back to my writing and changed a lot of plans. My life has become a lot better and I love reading your blog.

Thanks for being you Laini.

Kim G. said...

Great news for Alexandra and I know the days will turn for you guys soon. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! Maybe we can all get together for a blogger day in PDX soon! :-)

Q said...

Just kidding. It snowed today. I detest March.

brittany said...

they say that the more pain you endure, the more joy you will be able to contain. Maybe you're just making room for loads of joy that would have otherwise spilled over and been lost.

Good can attend squam now. wanna go?

good seem to have an awesome marriage.

good son pooped. (he's been constipated, you see.)

this vignette said...

When things are uncertain, it makes sense to want to take care of your home. As the IKEA catalog states: Home is the Most Important Place in the World.

I hope you love IKEA. The trick is to incorporate pieces of it with higher end pieces and you can have an amazing interior for a great price. I'm about to go tomorrow. I highly recommend avoiding IKEA on weekends if possible. Also, sounds funny but a Friday night IKEA date is kind of fun. I like the food.

Emily said...

Good news: my cousin is getting married in August! I'm really excited. Also I finished my 25-page biology report with about 12 hours to spare! now maybe I have time to buy your book and read that in addition to reading your blog every day. And it's REALLY good news that Alexandra doesn't have cancer. At least that part of this year wasn't sucky.

Sustenance Scout said...

I'm excited just reading everyone else's good news, especially Alexandra's! We've got tulips peeping up here in Denver but luckily they're not anywhere near blooming since we may get socked with a heavy duty snow storm tomorrow. Whatever! Happy almost-spring...that trip you're planning sounds marvelous, and just what the doctor ordered. Happy planning! K.

myrna said...

My nectarine tree is blooming for the first time, and I keep going out to look at it because I can't believe how beautiful it is.

Your last post was beautiful too, in a very sad way. The part about coming home from the hospital with only flowers made me cry. That's been my worst fear every time I've been pregnant. I have two best friends who've each had two miscarriages over the last couple of years. One of them has a heart shaped uterus, the other has a large cyst that feeds off progesterone. The good news is that both of them are pregnant again, pretty far along, and everything is going well.

I love reading your blog, your willingness to share your happiness and your sadness. I hope life is better soon.

dailypanic said...

good news- something to make you laugh- this is an link to one of my friend's blog
headline, "Kevin Presley wins Best Sideburns"

I make my first visit to an Ikea last weekend and - it is an "experience!" I think you will like it.
best of luck to you!
Thanks for all the inspiration!

Alex S said...

here is some good news for you (and Jim): I have just ordered you a gigantic wax garden sculpture of myself for your backyard! It will be a little taller than me, at eight feet high, but otherwise perfectly proportioned and identical to my person. I'm even eating a cupcake in the pose. You will love it! LOVE it! And CONGRATS on the award! Of course it should have won every last award of 2007 and anyone who has read it likely agrees. Blackbringer is the best and always will be, until SS (which I will print out Thursday at work for the airplane!)

Some other good news is that I ran quite an impressive distance this morning before work. I took your advice and pushed myself! Where are you at WW compadre???? And I predict very good news for you at the next meeting! Maybe not a 15 pd loss like me, but you know...