Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"I'll be right back with your typhoid."

Ha ha. That's what the doctor at the traveler's clinic said to us yesterday. "I'll be right back with your typhoid." It made me imagine a menu of diseases. "I'll take the typhoid with a side of hepatitis, please. Thank you!"

My arms are sore right now from vaccinations. Ouchy. In preparation for Chiapas, we've had shots for hepatitis A, tetanus (along with diptheria and whooping cough), and typhoid. My body is cooking up antibodies like crazy. Just now, in the time it took me to type this, I made a dozen more antibodies! Okay, I really have no idea how fast I'm making antibodies, but aren't antibodies cool? Definitely one of Earth's greatest hits.

I don't know how much we really needed these, but hep A and typhoid are both waterborne diseases, and it doesn't hurt (except that it hurts) to get the shots. We also have prescriptions for malaria pills, plus superstrong insect repellant, and anti-Montezuma's revenge medication just in case. How exciting to be going somewhere we need vaccines. Really, though! I haven't gone somewhere that required vaccines for 12 years. (That was Vietnam. Awesome.) Also, my new passport came in the mail, so I'm all set. It was fun writing "pink" for hair color on my passport application! I was looking forward to seeing my passport actually say Hair color: pink, but it doesn't. And I guess I'm glad. If it did, it would probably have to say my weight too. Ha ha.

So, yesterday was fun. Our friends Tony and Gia were in town from Georgia -- friends who used to live here but moved back home to the South 5 long years ago -- and we met up with them for a Swedish breakfast. I tried aebleskiver, just to compare with my own. The restaurant's version was cakier, and they were really good with a combo of maple syrup and lemon curd. Yum! There was also, of course, the requisite lingonberry jam. After, we putzed around the Pearl District a little, then met up with some other Georgia friends of theirs at Henry's Brewery next door to Powell's. One of those friends is a drummer with the Cirque du Soleil show that is currently in town. How cool is that? Of course, I asked him a trezillion questions about working for Cirque, and was sad to learn the amazing Russian acrobats make a sad weeny little wage -- less that the price of an admission ticket per nite!!!! How much does that suck? Also, that it takes 72 big Mac trucks to haul that tent from place to place. 72!!! I could have asked him a lot more questions, but I think I was pesky enough.

After that, it was typhoid shots for us, then home for a nap before going over to our friend Chary's house for pizza and asparagus and cake and to watch Raiders of the Lost Arc on a big projector screen. You know what? That movie still rocks. Next week we'll watch Temple of Doom. The projector is going to be fun this summer, for outdoor movies projected on a sheet. Chary's brother Ben just found a deal on a real movie-theater popcorn machine, so we'll be all set.

Today I've been sitting at my desk in my writing room for the first time in a few weeks. Now that all the house-cleaning is done, I'm back to work. I've been working on my workshop presentation on Writing Fantasy for the SCBWI conference for next month, and thinking a lot about writing. I did not, today, actually work on either of my two new books, but I thought about them. Really plunging into starting a book can be so hard, but I am excited about it. Ready to jump feet-first. Maybe not dive. Not feeling quite as brave as all that. Plus, you know, my arms are sore from my shots, and it hurts to lift them, which I'd have to do to dive. So I have an excuse.


Q said...

Eew. Tetanus shots are the worst. If you rub your arm, it will help the vaccination disperse better--or so I've heard. You are going to have so much fun in Mexico. I am jealous.

I saw a crossing guard the other day, and she had dark magenta streaks in her blonde hair--and I thought immediately of you. You must be kindred spirits in one way or another.

chest of drawers said...

I remember getting all those shots before we went to Nigeria in 1995 too, ouch! Your head is going to be spinning after going to colorful Mexico.

Caty said...

I guess you don't HAVE to have these vaccines to go there...Tetanus and typhoid come usually on the same and everybody that gardens for example should have it...hepatitis A is always a choice, not mandatory anywhere. (Cholera is another thing....depending if there is an epidemics at the country you are travelling)

I come from a tropical country and we consider Malaria pills are just for tourist....:)....(because people still don't know if there are actually effective to take before....they may mask the development of an actual Malaria ...) Malaria is usually very well limited geographically as well (maybe includes Chiapas or maybe not)

I hope you will have a wonderful time there! they have one of the best coffes in the world and colourful clothes and kindness. Tell us about your hair colour's reactions!


Left-handed Trees... said...

{I know what you mean about that whole "diving in" thing with the work.} How exciting for your upcoming trip...ah, why limit your haircolor on the passport to pink when you never know, robin's egg blue or emerald green may someday strike your fancy!!!

Amber said...

I.Am.SOOOOO JEALOUS of your Mexico trip!!! I just read this article in Sunset about another place there I now need to go to. BEEautiful. *sigh*

At least take tons of pictures for us, okay?


Felicity said...

You know, I must be a freak of nature, but I don't mind shots at all.

Have fun!

Stacy said...

Not sure if you are in Chiapas right now... but thought this might interest you.