Thursday, July 13, 2006

thanky thanky thanky

Yay to my new banner (& thanks for your compliments) & thanks especially to the technical genius of Bohemian Girl, without whom this design would still be a sad little orphan on my desktop. Thanks, Denise!

And thanks also to Greenish Lady for sending me her exquisite poetry book, Shout If You Want Me To Sing. It's beautiful in content and presentation -- gorgeous cover, but especially, gorgeous poems! Thanks, Imelda!

And thanks also to Bonnie for her facts about peepal trees when she read my story "Spicy Little Curses Such As These" (I hope I didn't scare you with my babbling excited email about picking your brain with all sorts of geography and landscape and flora & fauna questions about Central Asia and the Himalayas. I wish I could go on a fact-finding mission of my own, but alas, it's a world away.)

I am deep in research for my second novel, and have been trying to nail down the exotic locations around Asia, to give it a real feeling of place, which is an ambitious thing to attempt with a place one has never been, but I'm going to try it anyway. I got very sidetracked in my reading about the Old Silk Road yesterday evening and ended up drooling over adventure vacations that follow said road to Samarkand and beyond... And though Central Asia isn't at the top of my travel to-do list, this site made me want to do something rash like book a trip to a place I had never even heard of before, like Lake Son-Kul on the "Kyrgyz Riviera". Who knew Kyrgystan had a riviera? And at 4000 meters elevation. It is, apparently, a paradise for shepherds. I resisted the impulse to book the trip.

Other current subjects of research: silk production, especially cottage industry; the teak trade; dragonflies; caravansarays; Romany names; the Hindu Kush, and more. It's amazing the way the world starts to unfold when you just pick a topic you don't know about and start poking around. How many worlds there are, essentially tucked into this one world. And how many pockets in time. It all just lights my mind on fire. I wish I could've taken more history classes in college. I wish I had time to now. In any case, thank god for books and the internet!

And lastly, thanks for all the well-wishing about Jim's health. Fingers crossed, for all of us, that the big C stays well out of our lives and the lives of everyone we know & love.


shoofly said...

I love the new banner!

Ooh, I just got back from Lebanon a few days ago and never got a chance to visit the silk museum. But here is a link with some good images:

melba said...

I am saving your story for a day when I can sit outside in the hammock and feel the sun on my face and hear the wind russel the leaves on the trees and be transported... (which means I better print it out today so I don't waste any free time that falls upon me with the printing process...)

In the blogosphere I feel a bit of pressure to only say the most positive things. But I try to be honest and I hope others will do the same for me....

I love almost everything about your new banner...but I am not sure I love this particular face with the banner. ( I love the face alone, but it seems sort of old fashioned) What about using your face from the side bar?
I hope that it is ok for me to make suggestions.
You know how talented I think you are.

Alexandra S said...

Its funny how we all see things so differently! This is one of my very favorite faces from all your lamp ladies, and I, for one, think that you should not use your face, seeing as you have covered it in permanent ink pink and green polka dots! I love hearing about the facts and tidbits you pick up in your book research! Keep sharing please!

Alexandra S said...

p.s. Don't I deserve a thanky too? Afterall, I just stuffed a wad of $100 bills into your purse while we were at the movie this afternoon. C'mon now!

b/sistersshoes said...

Ooooo Boho did a great job!!! I love the face you chose and the bright colors are magical :)

The C is not coming back...ever!

And are such a treat I can't wait to read your book... if you have already...please give the details on how to get it~ thanks

Don't change a thing...except what you do for fun :)

love & more love...Darlene xx

megg said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL banner!! Ooh, Laini, I am so excited about all of your research! I've never been very many places, but I went to Singapore a few years ago... I can not wait to read your book!!!!!

Sending you best wishes for all good news with you and Jim! Love to you both! xoxo

M said...

I love doing research as well!! Discovering new worlds, one thing leading to the next, getting lost for hours- it's why I did a history degree. "Shantaram" is a novel with great insight into the real India, a pretty hardcore book and huge, but it came to mind when I read your post. I loved Thailand and Malaysia and Singapore - such wonderful people and the temples were magical.
This is one of my favorite places in Thailand, their ancient capital -
I'll stop now, I could go on forever!!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting until I can really savor your story...when I am home! I miss my daily check ins so much. :( I hope everything is OK with Jim's health. I am with you, dear.

And your topics have sent my imagination soaring. You always have that effect on me.

And BohoGirl is brilliant!

Deb R said...

The new banner looks fabulous!

I'm so looking forward to reading your story. I've been saving it for a time when I could sit down and read it straight through and I have high hopes that this weekend is it!

Holly Stinnett said...

Your new banner is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!

Colorsonmymind said...

I love your banner. Boho has a divine way of taking someone's art/photos and making a beautiful banner.

Your research sounds very interesting, and I too will print out your story so I can read it in my hammock, like Melba:)

Judy Wise said...

I am working on reading your blog from the very beginning as I have just discovered you recently and love your powerful, encouraging energy. When I finish I will send you a personal e-mail with a question but I want to get to know you better first (tee hee). Thank you for the great blog.

Amber said...

That sounds like it would be fun to do. you have the best job, ever! ;)


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