Monday, June 07, 2010

Paris Christmas in June

I have the best best friend ever. She just got back from a trip to France, and she showered us with such an abundance of gifts it felt like Christmas. My oh my oh my oh my. I'm so lucky! Behold:
Those incredible stuffed animals are from Moulin Roty (UK version website), where I am now dying to go shopping myself! These little guys are called "Les Jolis Pas Beaux" which means "the pretty uglies" though there is nothing ugly about them -- they are pure cuteness.
Notebooks, stickers, candy. I have always been crazy about cute little notebooks, and these are awesome. One of them is Mouk, by French illustrator Marc Boutavant, who is a favorite of mine!
Beautiful soap that could easily be mistaken for candy!
A summery outfit for Clementine.
Too-awesome Moroccan slippers that might have been made just for me! And in front of them, the vintage children's blocks, those are a gift from the wonderful Tara of Paris Parfait, who has made me drool over French shopping for several years now, with her gorgeous photos of shop displays. She also sent this antique cake plate that is as pretty as candy:
Wow, totally unexpected! Thank you, Tara! And thank you my dear dear Alexandra. I can't wait to go on a trip and bring back a trove of wonders for you. Or better yet, let's rent a house in Morocco, and shop the souks together :-)


Jennie Bailey said...

How FUN! Everything looks so cool. I love love love that cake plate. It's gorgeous! What a nice bestie to bring so many merry gifts!

Myrna Foster said...

Thanks for sharing pictures with us! :o)

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Alexandra Saperstein, the supermodel originally from Los Angeles, California??? If so, I have posters of her all over my house. What a coincidence! Is this the same one. Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Weird! I have lithographs of Alexandra all over my house too.
Anneloo, Spain

Alexandra Saperstein said...

Yes, it is the same Alexandra indeed! Which posters do you have up?

Jackee said...

So very gorgeous. What great friends! And obviously they know what you like, that makes for even better friends. :o)

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase fine art portraits of Alexandra? Do you know?

Kayla said...

*sigh* what beautiful gifts! thank you so much for sharing! <3