Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wordstock 07 -- reminder

Hi folks! Remember, Portlanders, Wordstock is this weekend, so come down to the Convention Center and celebrate books! My reading is Sunday at 2 pm on the Children's Stage; hope to see you there!

And, this is fun, I got into the local paper for the first time ever. Yay, I'm famous - ha ha. It's in the friday A&E supplement to The Oregonian with a picture and everything, and while I am completely thrilled to be in there, I am baffled by one thing, these words: "Taylor is a writer and artist who sold her work at Saturday Market and wrote whatever popped into her head. . ." Ehm, er. . . whatever popped into my head? That line is kind of funny because it is so NOT how I write. It makes me seem like a happy-go-lucky, jot-down-whatever kind of writer, and there are times when I wish I was but, um, I'm not. So, I wonder how that got in there. A part of me wants to think, whimsically, that the layout person needed an extra line to balance out the page so they added it from thin air. Anyway, looking forward to Wordstock. I love being in huge halls filled with books and booky people!

The article also says, very rightly, how Jim and I love the grey Northwest weather and how happy we are when it rains. Very true, and after a stretch of autumn sunshine and unseasonal warmth, we got a nice velvety gray day yesterday. It felt like evening all day long. Why do I like that? I don't know, but I do. And it rained, and I did not even set one toe out of the house all day. Why do I love that? I don't know either, but I do. Gloom, gloom, beautiful gloom.

Oh! And check out this:

Blackbringer made it onto the cover of the most recent ALAN Review! This is the publication of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents, an independent branch of the National Council of Teachers of English. How cool to have my book right there! And my editor must be happy -- two of his books are on it. He also edited Monster Blood Tattoo. Thanks, Kirby Larson, for sending this to me!

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope you have a marvelous time.


Alexandra S said...

I will see you there tomorrow of course but what I am really going for is the Q&A afterwards. I will be preparing my questions sometime today and please, please, PLEASE entertain me and don't reveal that you have ever seen me ever, ever before! Heres the first few questions so you can be preparing yourself:
1)"You describe Magpie as a very tiny faerie. Is she about the size of a KFC chicken drumstick or a little bigger than that? more like a Thanksgiving turkey drumstick? Which is it?"

2)"You never mention in BBringer nor in the new SS draft about Magpie and her dental hygiene. Does this girl brush her teeth or no? I mean, I know shes a tomboy and all but I still think that brushing your teeth is important. So is there any Crest or Colgate anywhere in that flying caravan or no?" (I know this is something you and I have disagreed about for years, but just because you don't brush your teeth some days doesn't mean that Magpie shouldn't have to.)

3) Is Magpie allergic to anything? peanuts? Twinkies? beef jerky? On that note, is Magpie a vegetarian?
I have a lot more so thats it for now.

Anonymous said...

hey laini!
i AM having a marvelous time...but it is amongst sunshine, warmth, :)

hard to believe a wedding this time 3 yrs ago. summer wedding attire in fall for az! :)

love to you and our favorite red-headed, chesty, 'graphic' artist super-hero!

Frida said...

the cover collage is pretty fabulous and so great to see Magpie up there.

I'm guessing my Ms M will be along to Bookstock if she is not working so she'll have to pose my questions for me. Unlike A - I will not be giving any advance warning of the content.

Have a fabulous weekend - and PS: if I had know you love the grey I might have thought twide about bringing all that sun to Portland with me.

DJPare said...

That is very cool having your cover on that book cover! Congrats.

(Another babyless lefty - like your idea though.)

Heather said...

Oh how I wish I could be there! Maybe one year you can come up to the Surrey International Writer's Conference? That's on my turf! Of course, I've yet to go there myself because ever since I found about it, I've been either pregnant, breastfeeding or had a toddler to care for! Sooooonnnn......