Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random filler post about T-shirts

So, in the last few years, Jim and I (and especially Jim) have gotten hooked on T-shirts. (This one here is a Paul Frank shirt called "Cup of Fun" -- it is one of my favorites.) I never used to wear T-shirts. Remember when they were all big and baggy, before baby Ts and girl Ts? Anyway, now there are way too many awesome T-shirts in the world. It's hard not to buy too many.

If the words "Threadless Dot Com" don't mean anything to you, go HERE now and become a T-shirt junkie too! (They make great gifts too.)

Ah, gifts. I am not ahead of the game with Christmas shopping this year like I usually am. I am so very not ahead of the game. I love Christmas shopping. And I love making some new random thing every year, whether strange little clay dolls or collaged star ornaments or whatever. Laini's Ladies came out of a holiday ornament-making binge. Usually, when I've gotten on an obsessive holiday craft kick, there's been something else I was supposed to be doing, so there was this guilty "playing hooky" feeling to it -- furtive crafting! This year, though I have a weird strong urge to pretend I know how to sew and go to the fabric store and buy lots of yummy fabric, I can't. (heh heh. Even when I wrote that just now, I didn't believe myself. It's like I'm trying to convince myself. Must. Make. Something. If I just write "the end" does that mean I'm finished with my book and can go play? Actually, the last few days have been AWESOME writing days and have felt like play, even though, I admit, I did some positively awful things to some very nice faeries. I am the evil god of my book. And also, the nice god, depending on the day. Let's see, it's 7 am, will I be an evil god today or a nice god? I don't know yet!)

But back to T-shirts. Not all of our good shirts are Threadless. We've gotten a lot of them at Comic Con over the years.

Some Threadless shirts:
This one's called "An elephant never forgets. . . to kill." ha ha!
For a poet:
For marshmallow-lovers:
And the perfect gift for doomed lovers on your list:
And one of Jim's favorites:


Amber said...

Ha ha! That haiku one is so funny!
Did you see Georgia's pink cast? I wish I could draw a faery like you! She would love that.


Erin said...

Hmm...I wonder if they have any cupcake t-shirts...

I also love Threadless's "Movies: Ruining Books Since 1920". It makes me laugh. :D

Alex S said...

You and your t-shirts! I'm making you a tshirt for your birthday that says "Alexandra is the best!" on the front and on the back says "My best friend is made entirely of cupcakes!" Btw, I just took out the beautiful star ornament you made me last year to hang up for the holidays. I love it all over again. Maybe you can take two hours off and we can make some as gift tags? It feels weird that you aren't baking away right now at this time of year! I AM going to bring you guys something very soon- an edible surprise to get you through the final writing weeks so prepare yourself for something very tasty!

Unknown said...

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Tinker said...

Fun tee shirts - I loved the haiku one, too. Refrigerator!

I'm also struggling with the urge to pretend that I can sew. That urge seems to strike me every year at this time. I'm in an ornament swap, so since I have to make at least one ornament, I'll have a little excuse to play hooky with that - at least for a little bit.

Hope your writing goes well and that you find at least a little time to enjoy the holidays.

Emma said...

Oh, yeah! All the great shirts a Threadless make me crazy! I need to start a new closet and just fill it with tshirts.