Saturday, November 03, 2007

Silly Things. . .

Another new lady! LOVE her. I'm almost finished with this new batch -- whew!! My eyeballs literally started to hurt yesterday from staring at the computer screen! Speaking of eyeballs and hurting, our canine son Leroy has to go to the dog opthamologiist today for possible melanoma on his eyeball. Cross your fingers for us that it's just a cyst. If it's cancer he'd have to have the eye removed and that would be very sad for our old boy (14), though he's a tank and could totally take it! Still, yeesh. Fingers crossed.

[update: WHEW! It is not eyeball cancer. Whewwweeeee! Just a cyst. Did I say whew? It's been exactly a year since Shiloh was finishing radiation for her nasal cancer (we lost her in January), and I was really really really hoping there would be no more doggy cancer. WHEW!]

On a cheerier note, more Jane Austen quotes:

"The person, be it a gentleman or lady, who had not the pleasure of a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."

"A woman especially, should she have the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can."

"You are too sensible a girl to fall in love merely because you are warned against it."

"I do not want people to be agreeable. It saves me the trouble of liking them."

"Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear I may be wrong?"

"But there are certainly not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty girls to deserve them."

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh,I'm so glad Leroy's ok, Laini - that must have been so scary.

Lovin' the new Laini's Ladies - and the quotes. Though you're scaring me with the whole 'eyeballs falling out' from being on the computer too much - I might have to re-think my reward system again! Reading this post is my reward for having not revised for the last couple hours (for NaNoWriMo) - but I'm still glad I did, even if my eyeballs start bulging - it's less calories and more filling than the leftover Halloween candy I was using before, lol.
I'm sending my NaNoWriMo buddies over here to read your 'Not For Robots' - it's been inspiring me. Thanks!
Best wishes to Leroy for quick healing.

Gwenda said...

So glad Leroy is cancer-free. xxx

Marianne said...

Ah, Jane Austen, she always has just the right words for a girl who has been duped in love.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous quotes!!! A Jane Austen series of Laini's Ladies .. ?


Amber said...

"I do not want people to be agreeable. It saves me the trouble of liking them."

--- HaaaaaaA! I MUST make a t-shirt with these words. So me! LOL!


Sustenance Scout said...

All classics, thanks for the much-needed cheer today, also so glad to hear your pup will be ok. LOVE the new lady! K.

Anonymous said...

I love these. (I scrolled down to the other one.) Are they cards?

Anonymous said...

Oh Laini..
She's so pretty !
I went to a little store in Ashland last weekend and bought 4 of Lainis ladies for Christmas gifts but decided I need to keep several for myself, I just cant seem to get the gift wrap to stick, they want to hang and sparkle gloriously in MY kitchen windows, so now it seems I shall have to order more online. You are so talented...I adore your beautiful ladies.