Monday, April 23, 2007

thank you again, fuse #8!!

How much do I love fuse #8?

More than my arms are long. That is, imagine the long-armed Mongolian dolphin-saver standing with his arms outstretched to their full 8-foot span, saying "this much." That's how much. (Only I couldn't find a picture of him doing it, so that's Martha Graham.)

Fuse, thank you so much for giving me such a fabulous present on your birthday!

And thank you to everyone for your exuberance and kind responses to my last post. My arms are long for you, too!

And just because this looks like fun:


tinker said...

What a happy Unbirthday present to you!

As for the photo, I don't know if I would want to actually be thrown (or be the person throwing - or catching!) but it might be an interesting spectator sport!

Frida said...

Being cool is so over-rated. I'll take honest exuberance over coolness any day of the week. Your book looks amazing (Jim's illustrations are fantastic).

Revel in it!


Kiah said...

How did u write your book? because i have ideas for one, the problem is is just putting it down on paper.

[a} said...

Ooh great! I have this strong feeling that I've read that exact post by fuse 8 before...but it can't be cuz it was written on April 23... :S