Sunday, April 15, 2007

pancakes & painkillers: a weekend update

This is a potpourri post. I'll just list:

1. New Laini's Ladies notecards! Yay!

2. I visited a school library to talk to kids about my book on friday -- and it was fun! Thank you Jone for setting that up and for bringing pizza! Your library is wonderful, and the kids were a great audience; I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

3. Saw Liz and John for breakfast on Saturday. Hadn't seen them in a while and it's always wonderful -- they're such fun to talk to about everything from Battlestar Galactica to crocheting to the mating displays of birds of paradise.

4. After breakfast (which was massive pancakes), we stopped to pick up painkillers and frappacino for poor suffering Alexandra, and handed them through a narrowly cracked door to her as if she were Typhoid Mary, though she is not actually contagious.

5. Jim and I went to see 300 while it's still on the big screen. I was sort of expecting to be underwhelmed but I loved it. And not just for the half-naked Spartans! We will definitely buy that one when it comes out on DVD.

6. I'm in the June issue of Writer's Digest! Thank you Jordan for interviewing me; it's so weird and cool to see myself in a magazine.

Have a great week! And happy tax day!


Jone said...

Laini, it was fun to have you. Thanks for the shout out. When are the Laini's Ladies fans coming. I will need at least three.(There's a story from the weekend and alluded to a post:)

Amber said...

YAY! I can't wait to get my WD issue!! How EXCITING! :) :) (am I a dork? lol!)


Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Oh, glad you liked it!


Frida said...

Loved those lizards, I've been a longtime fan of the little guys and enjoyed seeing them get their moment in the spotlight on your blog.

Poor Alexandra, does it hurt? Glad she is at least getting care visits from you guys.

Rock on with you celebrity appearances!

ArtsyMama said...

New notecards...yay!! These look fab! You are such an inspiration, girl! I have given you a thinking blogger award. See here..


Marilyn said...

What a lovely weekend. (Poor Alexandra...I have a friend in PDX who's had the same thing...painful, I'm sure.)

tinker said...

Writer's Digest - how exciting -- that is so cool, Laini! I can't wait to read it.
Glad your talk at the library went so well - did you have to reveal your secret identity? lol
Yikes - poor Alexandra - that's got to be so not fun. Sending her healing thoughts - I hope they can slip through the crack in the door to her, too.

tinker said...

Oh forgot to say "hooray for Laini's Ladies notecards," too - Hooray!

brittany said...

oh. I love them as cards! A whole new way to share. Genius, I tell you.

Congrats on being an honest to goodness author--and an extaordinary one, at that. I'm going to go preorder Blackbringer, and I can't wait to dive in. Maybe I'll just grow little self some wings...

Colorsonmymind said...

It all sounds lovely, except poor Alexandra. Your notecards are beautiful.

Fiona said...

Wow, you are a busy, busy lady. Those cards are great, adn I've been checking out the ornaments and the clenders etc too. Any British suppliers of your work out there??

Rob Kistner said...

Laini -

I enjoyed your site. You do some interesting work. I found your site through Poetry Thursday.

Seems you're living in Portland. I'm a writer and artist living in the Rose City as well. Stop by and see my site sometime.

Congrats on the Writers Digest interview.

--and so t goes--