Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bohemian Ladies!

The new Laini's Ladies "Bohemian Collection" is out in stores! I showed off the "holiday" Bohemian ladies here a few months ago; these are the "everyday" Bohemians. I chose that name to distinguish the line from the other Laini's Ladies because I was shooting for a more pattern-oriented look and I was using antique textiles I'd purchased in Turkey and Bulgaria to create some of the patterning. I love the new look, and the use of a single word rather than a long quote, though quotes will be back, I have no doubt!

I'm currently creating another new line, and I'm playing with more ideas to keep the designs fresh and interesting for myself. All I'll say for now is that the "Muse of Chocolate" might soon find her way into the world!

Here are the rest of the new designs:

And here are some of the greeting cards:

(All Laini's Ladies items can be found here.)


Susannah said...

Laini, these are so fabulous! i want all of them hanging from my computer monitor for inspiration :-) x

Holly Stinnett said...

Oh Laini, they are all just so beautiful. I tried to choose a favorite and couldn't do it! I know a few places that carry your work so next time I'm there, I'll definitely support your art and buy some.

Deb R said...

They're beautiful!! I'm rather yearning after Ms. Seek. I may have to buy myself a gift. :-)

Kristy said...

I have "shocking" hanging from my kitchen window, as does my sister and my mother...And just the other day I saw your Ladies in a shop in my sister's downtown. Congratulations, they're beautiful.

liz elayne said...

i found the cards in a store in port townsend...i just adore them! (and can't wait to hear more about the chocolate muse)

Amber said...

Lovely, Laini! Ideas for Christmas. I have about five teacher friends who would love the "teach" lady.


la vie en rose said...

these are absolutely fabulous! just breath taking!

Alexandra S said...

I can't believe that I kept ALL of mine! Shame on me, but also yay to me because they look just peachy all over the house. I'm coming over to get some more so lock your doors and cap the chimneytop!

xegbp said...

I love the colors and the words. Everyone needs one of these hanging on there desk.

shoofly said...

they're all so beautiful! i love the colors in the one at the very top!

b/sistersshoes said...

So, beautiful
and I see you in eash of their faces!

lovely Laini


Kim G. said...

Congrats Laini! They are really lovely!

Anonymous said...

oh you have out DONE yourself!!! These are superb! Just stunning--


Alexandra S said...

Look at little xegbp, shamelessly petitioning herself for ladies! i suggest that you barter ladies for Saint cupcakes & YUKI's next week!! You could really, really cash in, and ask for a car too.

Anonymous said...

I love love love these SOOO much! Even Madam stares at them, entranced.


deirdre said...

These ladies are so beautiful. I look at mine everyday and sigh. Your work just tickles and inspires me.

Patry Francis said...

Oh! These are so wonderful and uplifting and gorgeous! My collection just keeps growing!

anahata katkin said...

WoooooHooo! More happy, inspiring, colorful, gorgeous
whimsical beauties in the world! What a treat you have given the world. We love it!

tinker said...

I've got to look in the store where I found your other Laini's Ladies and see if they have them in, yet - if they don't. I'll demand that they order them immediately, heehee *_*


Left-handed Trees... said...

I have one...have gifted the ladies very much. These new patterns are just beautiful. I have some spaces waiting...

katie said...

Your ladies are absolutely awesoome Laini, you were so generous to gift some to us at our wonderful Thai dinner. I got twelve tags (lucky me!) and I'm in a Christmas swap with 13 artists. They will each get one of your beautiful tags with their gift. It was so wonderful meeting you, Jim, Alexandra, and Kelly Rae. It made my Portland experience all the more special. I've linded your blog to mine so I can keep up with you - you are SO talented and prolific!

Marilyn said...

These are fabulous! (I'm already imagining who might like them as holiday gifts.) ;)

melba said...


Caty said...

they are beauuuuuuuutiful!

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