Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silksinger winners!

Hi! Thanks again for playing my games! The trivia question was: What is the term used for faerie babies and small children?

Now, there was a particular answer I was after, but I kind of goofed. I guess I should have said: What are faerie children called, because the very first line of the book is: "The wolf licked the babe's face and pronounced her sweet." Babe. That is not what I was after, but I decided to accept it because, yeah, I guess it's right too. But most of the entries got what I was after, and here now to tell you what that is, our spokesmodel Clementine Pie, posing as a faerie baby (note: in case you're unsure, NO, those are not her real ears!):













That's it. The answer is: SPROUT! But I also accepted "babe."

And the winners of the two signed copies of Silksinger are:

Sarah in Indiana


Sara in Finland

Yay, HURRAY!!!

Remember, I haven't received my *Back to the Future box* yet (as I've said before, there's a scene in Back to the Future where George McFly gets a box of his new book from his publisher, and that always stuck in my head. I've since discovered that the only people who seem to remember that scene are the people who dreamed of becoming writers themselves. Do you remember it?) but I'll send these out once I do. Thanks again!

Oh. And one more thing. If you read Silksinger and like it, I'd be much obliged if you'd take a moment to post a quick review to Amazon. Of course you don't have to, but if you have a few minutes to do it, it would be awesome. Thank you!


Heather said...

That was my favourite scene in Back to the Future!

And of course I'll give Silksinger a GREAT review on Amazon! Also will harass the local bookstore to order it!

And as for Clementine: the cure! I can't handle the cute!

Charlotte said...

Amazon done! I can't believe I entered, without remembering to include the answer...oh well.

And I echo Heather--The Cute! The Cute!

Unknown said...

OOOOOOOO, I'm so happy. I just got back from out of town and the book came out while I was away. Today I will go and buy one. and some cupcakes. and some mangos. now my mouth is watering and I have the energy to begin my day:)

love to you and your cute little sprout!

Sarah said...

Oh dear! What a great day to be a Sarah (or a Sara). I'm so excited, I squealed a little bit.

And, I love the Yay, Hurray Clementine picture. She looks so excited for the lucky winners.

K said...

Clementine as a faerie! She's too adorable! :D

Shanni said...

Your baby has got to be the cutest baby (or sprout) on the earth or in faerie world!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love the faerie picture, she is so cute! Haven't read Silksinger yet... awaiting Oct. 5th...


Suzanne Young said...

Ah!!! Clementine is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

storyqueen said...

Every picture just gets cuter!

persnickety_jen said...

I think, from now on, faerie ears should come standard on all babies. Way too adorable!

I'm currently re-reading SILKSINGER, now that I've got a fresh copy in hardcover to keep the ARC company - and you can bet I will post a lovely review on Amazon when I'm done! I love the certain traits that make each faerie clan different. And Whisper is such a wonderful character!

lkmadigan said...

She looks like a little faerie babe, all right.

I got my Back to the Future box!


Carrie Harris said...

The expression on Clementine's face in the faerie picture is PRICELESS.

Sara said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm speechless and grinning as much as Clementine in the last picture! :D

She makes the most adorable faerie ever. :)

I can't wait to read Silksinger!

Ronald L. Smith said...

Those are wonderful pics of the wee one. You must be so happy!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hey Laini! Long time no comment . . . (if you remember me from SCBWI LA 2007!)
I LOVE that scene with the box of books in BTT Future! Made me dream of that happening to me one day.

Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!! I literally gasped at that picture of Jim pretending to eat her. My *baby* had a baby this year and he does THE VERY SAME THING!!! How funny. I'd never seen someone do that before. LOL.

Congrats on the majorly excellent starred review in PW, too!!!!!! SO happy for you!!! I can't wait for next summer when I'll be getting my reviews . . . on second thought, maybe not. Gulp. It's terribly nerve-racking. (P.S. I'm with Lisa Sandell at Scholastic!!!! Love her!!!)