Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick contest update

The Silksinger giveaway contest (see last post) will be open through the end of the weekend, at which time Clementine will give you the answer to the trivia question and announce the winners. See you then!



Liana said...

Since you're still accepting Trivia answers, here's mine: Sprout!! (Clementine is a sprout and a very adorable one at that!! :)

Diandra Mae said...

Okay. I just finished Silksinger. It was fabulous! (and I was surprised by how stricken I was by certain events at the end!) I am very much in love with all of the little warriors.

Okay, when's the next one coming out, Laini? huh? huh? ;)

Christy said...

i just finished silksinger too! totally awesome book. and even more of a cliff-hanger than blackbringer. although i can't wait for the next book, i just want to know if you have a name for the next one!
thanks for thinking up this awesome faerie world!