Monday, September 24, 2007

. . . and then it was TV season. . .

(this penguin video has nothing to do with my post; I just like it.)

So, TV season. Heh heh. Not that I'm going to be spending evenings in front of the TV now. Can't do it. But it has not escaped my notice that TV shows are suddenly starting. It's that golden time of year for TV watchers when a smorgasbord of potential shows is laid out ahead, the suck-factor as of yet undetermined. In the coming weeks, shows will drop like flies. Some might even get one week before getting yanked, as if ever a show could win its audience in one episode! Others will stick around. Being an acknowledged nerd, and seeing how a plethora of nerd-friendly shows are gearing up, there will be some VCR action in this household. Just can't watch em when they're on. Gotta write, but around 10 pm, I expect we shall transfer our tushes from the writing room bench/studio chair, respectively, to the sofa. Knitting in lap (me, not Jim.)

Tonight: Heroes.
update: Heroes was a big predictable snore.
Tomorrow: Reapers. Maybe. Yeah?
Wednesday: Bionic Woman. Oh yeah. NOT American's Next Top Model. Never again, I pledge.
Thursday: The Office, Thirty Rock. (Love.)

So that's a lot of shows. I think I'm even forgetting some. And -- oh yeah -- the World War II doc on PBS. We taped it last night but didn't watch it yet. I thought it would make a nice replacement for America's Next Top Model this season -- ha ha. Those two shows in the same paragraph -- snort!!! I admit to having watched ol' drag queen Tyra Banks in the past, but last season it swerved decisively from "guilty pleasure" to "guilty way-displeasure" and I'm through with it. Too bad -- I hear there's an autistic model on it this season. Now that's great television.

But like I said: 10 pm at the earliest. It's all writing and meals these days. I've barely left the house! I'd been wanting to go to the pear harvest festival out at Hood River this past weekend, you know, stock up on pears and alpaca yarn, actually do something that I can post on my blog as proof of having left the house. But when Saturday rolled around I was way into finishing this section of the book. Couldn't go. And I'm so glad I didn't. It was a rare writing day of grace. Finished the section around 11 pm -- yay! And wanted to take a bow for my devil muse and my stinky-breathed dog. Thank you, thank you. But, lest ye think my life is all work and no play, we did leave the house this weekend, to go not only to the grocery store, but to Office Depot for ink. Awesome! And at the grocery store they were selling apples that taste like grapes which is so so wrong, and of course I had to try them, even at about a dollar apiece. (They do taste like grapes! Weird!) We had friends over for dinner last night. Made stuffed butternut squash and an apple-upside-down cake. That was fun. I'm going to prepare all food upside down from now on with a layer of butter and brown sugar on the bottom of the pan.

Oh, I have a question. Is it totally bad to solicit Amazon reviews for one's book? I mean, is it a shameless, undignified thing to do? Somebody please let me know if it is and I'll delete this paragraph. In the meantime, if you've read [and liked] my book, I would love it if you wrote an Amazon review. Thank you to Christina who left a comment to my last post saying Blackbringer was the first book she ever left an Amazon review for. Thank you!

(And more penguin hijinx.)


Anonymous said...

I already left you a comment so pay up asap! I would invite you and Juciper over to watch The Office but he said too you are enconsced in your writing tub so never mind BUT if you change your mind, I am thinking Pizzacato???? wild mushroom pizza? Ben and Jerry's chocolate brownie yogurt ice cream that you gulp down? think this through and get back to me!

Frida said...

It is more than fine to solicit reviews - we all love the book and if we don't get on and post reviews its only because we don't how how to put it all into articulate words, like. But I just posted a review on AMazon for my friend's novel and SHE LOVED IT! Like not just the fact that I did it but actually loved the review! I feel very, very clever. So yes indeedy I'm on a roll and Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer is next on the list.

Please tell me you cannot resist the offer above - if you can I will be forced to conclude that you are not a human after all BUT one of those resky robots you have been trying to keep away from your website...

Left-handed Trees... said...

Yes, yes, yes...I say keep going with the possessed writing frenzy, but of course, I might just be saying that because I am so far from it myself right now and want SOMEONE to finish their damn book! ;) Alpaca yarn would have swayed me for sure, but I am easy right now though! *About the review, hmm...I'll have to get my Petunia over there for it--she wrote her first review a little while ago on my blog and I think she'd do a good job since she did love Blackbringer! Now, back to work!

Amber said...

You know what? I did do an amazon review when I read it, but I don't think it ever showed up. Maybe I did something wrong. But I will try again!

And, believe EVERYthing would taste better cooked in butter and brown sugar.


tinker said...

Butter and brown sugar is the recipe for ambrosia, I'm pretty sure. Greek gods eat it all the time.
Those penguin videos are hysterical - they're the Abbott and Costello of penguins, too funny. If there was third one giving noogies then they'd be the 3 stooges of penguindom.
I'll try again with the Amazon review, but I haven't been successful at getting one to post so far.
What did you stuff your butternut squash with? It's intriguing me - and making me hungry, lol.
Good for you, keeping on writing despite the temptation of pear festivals and alpaca yarn - I want the sequel fast as I can get it!