Friday, February 23, 2007

Nerds of New York

These assorted "nerd jewels" were made by Maggie who is very crafty and reads fast and has new fuzzy chicks that will grow up to be chickens that lay glittery eggs. Or regular eggs. But if anyone's chickens would lay glittery eggs it would be Maggie's.

I sent these nerd accoutrements off to the fabulous marketing gals of Penguin Young Readers Group in celebration of New York ComiCon this weekend, where they will be giving away free galleys of my book! So, if you are going to ComiCon, swing by the booth and get one. If you had not planned on it but are now thinking "hm," well, sorry. It's sold out. The nerds have risen up and conquered the Javitz Center. Yay, nerds!

By the way, lest ye think I cast aspersions, I am a nerd. Yes. I like vampires and zombies and super powers and Middle Earth and weird historical anecdotes like the one I stumbled upon yesterday about how the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe kept a clairvoyant pet dwarf named Jepp AND lost part of his nose in a duel and so wore various fake noses of silver and gold and copper for the rest of his life AND had a tame moose that died of drunkenness. Zowee! History is a funny funny thing. I wish I could download it into my brain like in the Matrix. How's that for a nerdy little wish? Nerdy nerdy me, tra la la.


Sophie said...

I'm a nerd too!

And a little weirdo.

Proud of it as well:)

Cute as a button - buttons...:)

la vie en rose said...

how cute!

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Yer a HOT nerd, wife o' mine! :)

Love ya!

Jamie said...

The nerd buttons are totally fun! Here's to nerds!

Amber said...

I just wanted to add that Tycho Brahe is my favorite astronomer. In high school, I wrote a poem about him and neutrinos for extra credit in my astronomy class. (I had to make up for my pitiful math skills.) So by default, I am a nerd. I want to buy one of those buttons and hand them out my closest friends!

deirdre said...

Well, I can't claim to be a nerd (well, maybe), but I'm definitely a dork.

KG said...

I've found it very liberating to accept my inner (and outer) nerd. It's just who I am, and it's served me well and helped me have a very interesting life.

Being a nerd is DEFINITELY underrated. :)

Terri /Tinker said...

Love nerds, and love the buttons. As well as the fund Brahe facts - isn't the world a wild and amazing place?

Left-handed Trees... said...

Ah, so THOSE are the "nerd jewels"! They are incredibly cute...I hope your book rises up and conquers the Javitz Center too. Then, you can concentrate on global domination. (Ahem, that sounded a little nerdy, didn't it?)
Love to you,

[a} said...


I took some nerd personality test online..on said I was 2% nerdy...but actually, just the fact that I *took* it proves how much of a nerd I must be!