Monday, February 05, 2007

Dictionary dream!

Even in my dreams, I look up words in the dictionary. The other morning I woke with a very clear sense that I had just looked up the word mordain, and in the dream it meant: a spirit that comes to life to inhabit a suit of armor kept in the apogee of a cathedral (yes, I know that's not what apogee means, but in the dream it did) to protect the holy site. Hm. In the fog of waking, I was eager to check an actual dictionary and see if it might mordain might really mean that. I thought that would be very, very cool, if I somehow channeled the dictionary in my sleep. But no, alas, mordain is not a real word; I have not discovered a hidden super power. Not that it would be a very useful super power anyway. And as far as I know, churches don't keep suits of armor in their apses or anywhere else, waiting to be possessed by warrior spirits! Oh, and in the dream, the cathedral in question was on a spaceship. Pretty cool dream. The suit of armor was gloriously beautiful, too.

I've been absent from blogging due to travel. I have missed my internet access quite severely. I've been cursing the world for not being "wireless." Seems like it should be. Portland is, at least partially. Without internet, and not watching TV, we didn't hear a national weather report until this evening to learn that it's below 0 in New York, where we're headed tomorrow!!! What?!? Frick!

So we went out lickity split to buy some warmer coats, and I got this long hooded brown thing, but Jim was steadfastly refusing to buy anything not COOL. When I reminded him that the cold is actually one of the things that people die from, he replied: "As long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive. I will survive." hahaha. Goof ball. He broke down and let his mother and me badger him into buying a coat. Right now I'm just curious what below 0 feels like. If I've ever experienced it, I don't remember! I'll let you know!

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts about Shiloh. I had thought to write about the experience of the home vet visit, but I don't think I will. I will say that Shiloh went very peacefully; I'm certain she was ready, but I miss her terribly and I'm still in the stage when it seems impossible I will never feel her incredibly soft ears again, or rub her belly. I hope you are all well. Miss you!


Kelly said...

I'm so glad Shiloh could stay home for that. That in itself is a blessing.

--a fellow animal lover

Alexandra S said...

You should know that while you were brewing up those tasty blueberry pancakes last week I foresaw the upcoming cold blitz in NYC in my handy little Bavarian Gypsy crystal buttock that I carry around in my purse and you should know that I have arranged therefore to have a suitcase of very warm Anthropologie clothing waiting for you at the airport tomorrow. Just ask at the Info desk where they are holding it. They will know. And as for your dictionary dreaming, how cool is that! Remember that every word had to be spoken first by someone so I say that mordain is now a word! Missing you guys but very, very busy hustling and bustling about your abode. You won't even recognize it when you get back. (Its MUCH emptier now.)

Alexandra S said...

Oh, I forgot! Don't forget your airplane packet or I will be mortally devastated.

kelly rae said...

i'm thinking your dictionary dreams are as cool as my dreams where i wake myself up laughing. and tell jim there's no denying his coolness factor with those chops of his which won't be covered up with a coat! and in fact, the chops will help keep his face warm! looking forward to maybe seeing you both next week!

Terri /Tinker said...

You should write a story about the mordaining (mordainment?) of the armor in the spaceship cathedral! Lewis Carroll and Robert Heinlein made up their own words, which are now part of the English language, why not you, too?
Sending you warm thoughts and ((hugs)) for a safe and happy trip. Below ZERO? I shivered just READING that temperature!! Brrrr!!!

Kim G. said...

Shakespeare added 3,000 words to the English vocabulary. I agree with others - use your words and see what happens! (I have used "snick" a few times since you introduced it a few posts back.) Safe (and warm!)travel blessings for you both! Take care!

Frida World said...

I can see myself using mordain (if you don't mind) - there are more suits of armour, spaceships and cathedrals in Afghanistan than most people would guess.

Also learning about real cold out here and have given up on looking cool when it is that cold - also when the temperature really drops you will not hear me complaining about the headscarves or requirement to wear trousers under my skirt.

Keep warm and travel safe.

Left-handed Trees... said...

You already know of my attraction to odd and (now!) non-existent words so I love that you are creating your own language as you dream. Once you hit a certain temperature, you cannot even tell anything other is *as you said* frickin' cold! It is going to "warm up" to the 30's soon, so you can bask poolside in the climbing temperatures. Hope you have traveled well!

xegbp said...

Below 0 feels like you have died and gone staright to hell, no redemption no purgatory nothing, straight to hell. They say hell is hot but having just spent basically the last week in below 0 weather I am going to disagree, if there is a hell and I am not saying there is, but if there is one it is cold, snot freezing cold. They listed the names of four people today on the news who had frozen to death.

I am glad Jim got a coat. No one cares how they look when it is this cold.

Stay warm and have fun in New York, it just may be a balmy 20 degrees there this week-end.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liani,

I'm very glad that you are back; you've been missed loads. And I've been praying for you and Shiloh.

I just thought to drop you a line and tell you that you have fans all over the world. Am one of them :)

a British-Libyan Fan from London, UK

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what 0 feels like...warm! Signed,
the woman who is living through -15 with a -35 windchill. *sigh*

Love the word, and like Frida, I plan to work it into conversation somehow.

And I've missed've been in my thoughts. :)

deirdre said...

I've dreamed words too! And been terribly disappointed to learn they don't exist.
Well, you'll have to write about that 0 temp. I just really can't imagine.

Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

Ah! I'm so glad to hear that you look up words in the dictionary! I do that a lot too!! On the flip side, the other day I read a Hemingway quote on how writers should not look up words. Intead, they should lend the dictionary some new ones... I was a bit put off by that at first... But now I get it! Here you are... Doing just that! Amazing! I love that! :)

paris parfait said...

Well it sounds like it should be a word - and why not?

Am so sorry about Shiloh, but you did everything you could.

Hope you have a fabulous time in New York! Have a pretzel with mustard for me.

[a} said...

I love dreams like that. I just want to live in them and never wake up, and so I oversleep and arrive to school late...then fall asleep in class and having the bestest dream and being late for the next class..a vicious cycle. :)