Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ah. . . home at last! We've been away for two weeks. That's a long time. Home. Exhausted from the long drive. Thirteen hours on the I-5. California is big. Oregon is big. The house is cold. I miss Shiloh terribly. She should be here. Absence can be like a presence. An eidolon. You go into a room where someone should be, and their absence occupies space. There was a message on the machine saying her ashes are ready to be picked up. That's so. . . strange. And awful.

It has been torture not having internet access. I've felt like I was on Mars! Tomorrow I will be doing some catching up. But right now I will be sleeping. Goodnight!


kelly rae said...

welcome home, laini and jim. i feel like we need to get on the phone and share our adventures of late!

Anonymous said...

Welcome HOME!!!!!

thank you for taking us on the trip with you--- I loved it.

I am so terribly sorry for your loss of Shiloh. I've been there and I can only say I am so sorry.

And, I have been meaning and meaning and MEANING to write you to thank you for turning us on to The Wire, aka the best gd television show in the history of television shows-- it shouldn't even be in the category of tv shows-- it is so freaking awesome.

We just began season 2 and I have to tell you I was sure it would not capture me because all new players, all new scenario and where was my D'Angelo?!! But, it did GRAB me, god the writing and the acting and the everything is so damn good.

And we have you, missy, to thank. So, thank you.


Jamie said...

Welcome home, Laini! Have a lovely, cozy, yummy rest.

Anonymous said...

welcome home to the two of you!! I'm sorry there is someone missing there. You'll have to make her a tiny shrine somewhere or something. A lovely framed photograph of her watching over you would be nice!!

I'm so glad you had a wonder-FULL time and glad that you are home safe!!

love megg (blogger is hating me today for some reason...)

Amber said...

I was wondering how you would feel when you got home...I know it is strange and sad. ((you))

When I go to my grandma's I feel my grandpa missing SO MUCH. I feel him missing from his garden. It is like he might be standing behind me...but he's not.

It is so strange.

Happy you are home safe and sound, love.


Jolie said...

Welcome home! So fun to spend time with both you in NYC. And yes, I so saw the call out about starting a blog. I'm thinking about it...really...I am. But hey, I'm finally posting and not just stalking around blogdom.

Jone said...

Welcome home. Your trip was fun to read about. Your loss of Shiloh reminds me so much of losing my cat almost a year ago.

la vie en rose said...

...sleep tight...

i'm sorry you're missing shiloh so much...

chest of drawers said...

Welcome home! Sending you warmth and love.