Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Snow is SUCH a good idea! Thank you, snow! Looky looky! Doesn't our house look like it's out in the country? Yay Yay Yay! We've been hoping to get snowed in this year, and to tell you the truth this isn't the best timing ever, but we'll take it. It's perfect powder, and lots of it. Took the dogs for a couple of walks. Threw some snowballs. Our neighbors built an igloo tall enough to stand up in. It's so beautiful. I love snow! Aside from playing outside, I've been updating my website a little bit. It's still in progress, but there's some new stuff to see, if you want to check it out. Cheers!

I'll leave you with some favorite quotes:

"I would rather live in a world surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind can comprehend it all."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Everything is miraculous. It is miraculous that one does not melt in one's bath."
- Picasso

"You should take your mind out and dance on it. That might take some of the rigidity out of it."
- Mark Twain

Oh, and you can see more Portland snow pictures at the blog of my dear dear dear friend, Squelchy Washoogle.


Alexandra S said...

We have not only the same post title today but the exact same number of exclamation points at the end of it too! uh-oh, what if we are sharing a brain today and don't know it???? Just in case, do you know where I left my mailbox key? I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, your house looks so sweet against the white snow and I especially love the quotes. I plan to copy them down tonight in my paper journal so I don't forget about them. Enjoy the snow!!!

Sophie said...

Your house reminds me of finnish houses, specially with the snow now. Looks magical!


Marilyn said...

It IS fabulous (and I used to love it when it snowed in Portland)...except if you're trying to drive in it...as J was ALL DAY yesterday. (sigh) He spent the night in Medford. :( But, yes, it does make your house look like it's out in the country! :)

Frida World said...

As I told Alexandra, I like to imagine that you are conspiring in a plot to draw me irresitably to Portland.

I want to meet the woman who gives me a quote which leads me to sit for several minutes imaging what it would be like to melt in my bath...

I love that photo of your doggies, they look like Arctic explorers!

tinker said...

You have SNOW! How miraculous is that? It even moved your house out to the country! Shiloh and Leroy look so happy to have a snow day, too.
Love the quotes.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I can tell in that photo that you're not using the cute hand-warming leash covers that my dogs gave yours for Xmas! What gives? :-)))


paris parfait said...

How much fun! Sigh. No snow here yet. Usually by now it's snowed two or three times, but nothing.

paris parfait said...

P.S. Your house looks magical and your website is looking good!

Left-handed Trees... said...

I LOVE this post--now that cold has finally come my way, I am just waiting (and waiting) for a snow day! Your site is looking beautiful--I especially liked the Einstein quote about reading children fairy tales...enjoy the weather.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I've been glorying in the snow here too (although I'm not as thrilled with the sub zero wind chills...BRR!).

And the quotes are gifts. :)

deirdre said...

The snow looks beautiful, but soo cold. brrr. The doggies look like they're loving it.

claudia said...

Your house looks amazing in the snow!

Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how life throws you puzzles and sometimes you figure out the answers. My two daughters received beautiful "Laini's ladies" for Christmas from their aunt and have them hanging in their rooms: one is "indulge" and I cannot remember the other. THey are absolutely adorable. I had really admired the style and artistry of them. Today, here I am surfing and found this fun blog and I find Laini - how cool is that? Just wanted to share...by the way your dogs are adorable, too, and look like they had a blast in the snow!

Sophie said...

The pictures are lovely -
your house looks like a gumdrop -
i want to come over and have
cocoa with you!
(and i will bring mango cake)

your new website looks delicious!

Amber said...

Your house really looks like it is out in the woods. I love yellow houses! Although, when we buy a house I intend to paint it red. But yellow is my next choice.

I love these words of wisdom. Thank you. I can add them to my collection.

I am going to buy six of your cards to frame as a collection. Kory gets his bonus next month, and that is one things I am going to do with my fun loot. ;) I love to frame beautiful cards as art.

Happy winter!


ceanandjen said...

Wasn't it the greatest? Ayden came upstairs to tell us it was snowing..and I did not believe him at first! When I pulled back the curtain, I could not believe my eyes! We spent the majority of the day outside and I took entirely too many pictures, but it was so worth it. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it as much as we did!!!!! (p.s. I had to laugh, because my post about this?....it's called "SNOW DAY!"....HE HE HE)

Patry Francis said...

Me and my dogs are so jealous! They haven't had the exquisite joy of dipping their noses in the snow all year.

Love the quotes, especially the one about taking the mind out and dancing on it. MT was one cool guy.

[a} said...

Hey, have fun @ the conference. Your job sounds amazingly fun.

I shared these quotes with my mom (an avid quote-collecter)--thanks for sharing a smile.

Jone said...

Good luck this weekend at the ALA...after a almost a week of snow here in Portland, I am not going tp SEattle. It sounds really fun though. Would love to know more about your upcoming book.

GoGo said...

Good luck at ALA this weekend.

Hope its good times.


Jerri said...

Read the SS prompt and had to come over to wish you Luck, Luck, Luck.

Not exactly luck, though. Really, it's more like the peace to let your Light shine. You are such a shiny, lovely, wise soul. Just show 'em who you are and all will be well.

Forget that whole "their 100s of books and my one" thing. You've got beginner's mind going for you. You've got fresh eyes. You've got a HUGE heart. Speak your truth. It'll be more than enough.

Blessings, Laini.

steve said...

Out here in the snowbelt we're not getting a lot of the white stuff. And as long as I'm driving every week between Bloomington, IL and Elkhart, IN, I'm not complaining. Once I get back to northern Indiana on a permanent basis, the lake effect can start up again. But I love your exuberance and sheer joy you have for the weather and for life itself.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your yellow house against the white snow. Beautiful! And adorable dogs too.... my dog would love some snow to finally fall up here in Baltimore. This winter has been so weird.

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