Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photo Catch-Up

I just downloaded the camera for the first time in a while; it was almost full! And in its belly I found these recent memories, and thought I'd do a little catch-up, since I haven't been posting much lately, and photos even less than that.

Miss Clementine Pie turned 11 months yesterday. Yow! How the time, she does fly.

Huh. I wonder where this kid gets her blue eyes from.
So, nose-biting (my mom, here). Some time last month, Clementine decided, all for herself, that biting noses is funny. Well, the first time she did it to me -- wholly unexpected -- I cracked up laughing, and so she's kept doing it. And now it's even funnier. I always make this mock-scared sound when she does it to me (and she's very gentle with those choppers, by the way), kind of like, "Eeeeeeeeeee!" And now, I have only to make that sound and it's her nose-bite cue. It's pretty hilarious.

This kid is the best. The best. Words cannot begin to convey the awesomeness of Clementine Pie.
(Dude. Pull my finger.)

Now, how about some food pictures.
Aebleskiver, a new Father's Day tradition. They're so fun to make! I love flipping them with a knitting needle in their darling little pan.
And they may even have been chocolate involved.
I'm calling this one "Fuel for hikers," because we stopped at Saint Cupcake on our way out of town to Silver Falls State Park last month on our anniversary.
nd this is what greeted us back in Portland, when we were starving in the aftermath of cupcakes.

(Oh man, I'm so tired. I'm going to fall asleep right HERE.)

Just a couple of quickie photos first. Today was another day of transforming the long-neglected patio into a pleasant space, which involved setting up a "pool pavilion" for Clementine. I'm loving it out there now. Thank you, Mom and Papa, for coming over to help with the planting!

Jeez, I really AM tired. I can barely keep my eyes open, so I'll just wrap it up. Coming up soon: A guest post involving France, cheese, and my goofiest friend, Alexandra. See you soon!


Megsie said...

Those pictures are gorgeous...just like little Clementine! And your patio--so beautiful. *Sigh*

Myrna Foster said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and adventures of Miss Clementine Pie.

And those cupcakes … have you read It's Raining Cupcakes, by Lisa Schroeder? The mango coconut cupcakes, the art, and the wanting, the book made me think of you.

tone almhjell said...

Oh Clementine Pie, so beautiful! And so cool! Love the patio, too.

jesse joshua watson said...

The pics are Pure Smile! Wonderful.

Amber said...

Aww, it look great out there!

I showed G this nose eating picture and she cracked up, because she likes to tell the story about when she was a baby and bit Wyatt's nose. Now she thinks this is a "baby thing, mom". lol

I am so happy you have her, and she makes you so happy.