Tuesday, July 06, 2010

And some days I want to kiss my brain

And often, the broken brain days (see last post) are followed by golden days where you kind of fall in love with your brain all over again, kiss it lots and promise it a second honeymoon (somewhere warm, but not too warm), and everything is peaches. (And not the stupid Whole Foods organic peaches that rotted in a day, either. One hopes.)

GREAT day today! Yay yay yay! Mental high fives, my characters making me laugh out loud, pages finding themselves --wham!-- written. Page, meet page. And oh wait, here's another page-friend for you to play with. Page page page. Do the page dance.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm such a dork. But I'm happy. More days like this please. On the menu of days, this will be my "usual." Hi Laini, what will you have today? Oh, the usual. Just a fabulous writing day, please. And a regular coffee. And an entire chocolate cake. And some mangoes. And beef jerky.

(What? Nothing.)

And the post-writing part of the day was lovely too. After lunch, Clementine practically swooned into a deep nap, and I swooned alongside her, exhausted from all my giddy writing joy, and then after that we got to work, along with Jim, at finally getting the patio summerified. Some of you in, ahem, summerier parts of the world, can laugh, but we've had a doozy of an Oregon spring, to the extent that the grass is still rain-green. No sprinklers have yet been needed! Can you believe? But this week the heat kicks in, summer starts, and so it was finally time to stop putting off clearing the old firewood off the patio, and the broken pots and brick-a-brack, setting up the patio table and new wading pool (oh cool delightful water!), etc. And then, of course, eating outside (pad Thai, plus the best plums and mangoes, yum). Eating outside with a baby = a good idea. They can fling pad Thai noodles to their heart's content. Oh man, Clementine got SO MESSY. The kind of messy that parents think is cute but is totally barf-gross to anyone else. She actually had a noodle plastered to her belly, inside her onesie. And mango in her hair. And yes, I took pictures.

Next patio phase will be fun, the cute-ifying part, like hanging some color, planting up some pots, which then someone will be expected to water. *looks away* Aw, sadness. That whole *looks away* thing? That's what my dearly departed Siberian husky Shiloh used to do, pretending to ignore us. The most obviously pointed look-away. It was so funny, and Jim and I used to do it to each other, when one would ask the other to do something, this sort of la-la-la, if I can't see you, I can't hear you pose. The things you start to forget. Time is the suck, isn't it?

But you know what doesn't suck (today at least)? My brain.

Smooch smooch.


Myrna Foster said...

Hurray for good writing days!

And I took pictures of my kiddos with food plastered to them too, and they love those pictures!

Sophia said...

My brain said 'Do the page dance' in the same sing-song tone as 'do the hustle' and then I started humming to myself. I love my brain too, in all its tuneful weirdness. Tis lovely to hear there can once again be joyful days to writing on the days when the writing is.. a process.
- Sophia.

Chris Catledge said...

I love the mental high-five days.

Natalie Whipple said...

Hehe. This whole post was awesome, but I think my favorite part was that you used "brick-a-brack."

Sarah Beth Durst said...

I'm convinced each lovely-brain day needs to be paid for with a certain number of hours of broken-brain. :)

tone almhjell said...

Oh, yay! Hurrah (or good, old huzzah, even) for good writing days. Lainibrain: Here's a shiny medal! (but the kind with a ribbon, not a pin, cause that would hurt). And your Shiloh story brough tears to my eyes. Pims does stuff like that. The most admonishing stare: Well, Tone. You disgust (or disappoint or baffle or sadden) me, you really do.

Laini Taylor said...

Sarah, I think you're right, sadly!

And Tone, I know just the cat look you speak of. Can anything do disdain like a cat?