Monday, July 19, 2010

Japanese zombie baseball? Plus, some thoughts on writing productivity

Because why not?

Ha ha, here's the synopsis:

"Battlefield Baseball is a tough game--it doesn't end until all the members on the opposing team are dead. In this game the Gedo High team is composed of blue-faced zombies, and their opponents on the Seido High team know they don't have a chance at beating them unless they can bring back a star pitcher who has a lethal pitch called the Super Tornado, but who has hung up his cleats and has no desire to return to the game."

(I just spelled "small" "snakk." Kind of a cute word. I've always thought "Snack" would be an excellent name for a small dog, don't you agree? And maybe you could spell it Snakk and say it means something on the dog's planet, like Valiant Warrior or Pontius Pilate or something.)

Monday morning, just got to the cafe, and I am going to set Freedom* asap and get to it. (Right after this blogging interlude, snarf snarf.) I've had a string of awesome writing mornings, I'm really in a groove and it is a wonderful wonderful feeling. I am not even afraid of my deadline right now, not even a little. Just super excited! Of course, as we all know, these things turn on a dime. Fingers crossed for this stretch to continue. Two things:

-- Writing every day. Every day. Every every day. First time I've pulled off this stunt in a long while, and I owe it to my wonderful husband who gets up at 4 am every morning so he can get a little work done before taking Clementine from 8 to 1, so I can write. Also, he's been doing 90% of the stuff around the house lately (he might amend that to 99%). Mwah, sweetie. Thank you.

-- Before Clementine was born, I heard this rumor that when you have less time, you get more productive with it. I am at last learning how to make that true. See, it's not one of those things that is just instantly true. It doesn't happen that you magically wake up more productive.You have to work at it, but desperation can be the mother of productivity, ha ha. I have to say that my 4-5 hours now are more productive than many of my childless 12-hour work stretches used to be.

That is all. Beware zombie baseball players. Ouch.

* too lazy to link: Freedom is an application (for Macs) that disables your wireless for a specified period of time so you can't get online and distract yourself. Some days I really really need it. Thank you, Freedom!


Ina said...

"Snakk" is Norwegian for "talk" or "chat", and would make a hilarious name for a puppy! (I say this because I am Norwegian and would crack up at someone chasing their dog down the street, seemingly begging it to talk to them. Ha.)

Also, your blog is lovely, your daughter is lovely and your writing is (you guessed it) lovely. Sigh.

tone almhjell said...

Huh! Ina beat me to it! Two Norwegians on your blog this morning, Laini :)

Laini Taylor said...

Hee hee, welcome, Norwegians!

Or should I say, velcommen.


mel said... should nominate your hubs for some kind of award...or have him bronzed....or rent him

keep up your ferocious writing pace...I'm desperately wanting to read your new book....


persnickety_jen said...

Thanks for mentioning Freedom again - I could totally use something like that... A lot of my friends like to use Write or Die, but that app (and any app that deletes your work as a punishment), scares the bejeezus out of me!

Laini Taylor said...

An app that DELETES YOUR WORK AS PUNISHMENT????? *gasp gasp* Are you SERIOUS? That is so messed up. No way. No WAY! I'm sweating just imagining it!


persnickety_jen said...

I know! I can't understand why people would EVER use the Kamikaze setting... but then again, most people seem to use it during NaNoWriMo, where the emphasis is more about meeting a word count.

But still..! :P

storyqueen said...

Desperation IS the mother of productivity....and I kind of think poverty breeds creativity, too. (At least that's what I tell myself....If I had a lot of money, I'd spend time I could be writing figuring out how to spend it....)

But I probably need Freedom right now since I am checking blogs instead of working.


P.S. I taught a Young Author's course this summer and read snippets of Blackbringer to the group...three of my girls went right to the library and checked it out! They loved it!

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Shelley! That's awesome! Thank you :-)

jessomaniac said...

Write Or Die sounds like the giant whipping noodle of all writing apps... and i prefer boredom to desperation for my fuel. that and homemade blackberry bars...