Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lord & Taylor holiday windows '09 + NPR Best Books List!

Arctic morning: 18 degrees. Yow! It's been really cold the past few days, and windy on top of it. I'm up at 5 this morning to get some writing done while Clementine snoozes. Up to write, not blog. Get to work, Laini!

Really quick. I've been saving these pics from New York to post -- the only big holiday window display we saw when we were there. You hear about the amazing holiday windows in NY, but I'm not sure where they are, or when they happen. We just happened to walk by these on our way to the library and they were gorgeous.

Do you love miniatures? I do. Seeing this made me want to fix up my old dollhouse. I mean, I plan to some time over the next few years, for Clementine to have when she's older. What I really want is the Coraline house -- I wonder what they did with those models?

Oh, hey. Awesome!!! NPR has listed Lips Touch as one of its five best Young Adult books of 2009. Yippeeeee! Thank you, Jonathan Hunt and NPR :-) The others include fellow NBA finalist Charles & Emma, and fellow Arthur A. Levine Books title Marcello in the Real World, and Francis Hardinge, who's an awesome writer, and that book When You Reach Me that everyone is talking about this year for the Newbery. Have to read that.



Amber Lough said...

I'm sure that now you've been compared to Neil Gaiman and have been to the workshop where they made the Coraline figurines, they would gladly give them to you if you asked. ;-)

I accidentally called a girl in Elizabeth's class "Coraline" the other day, and her name is "Caroline." Oops.

Jennifer D said...

Wonderful photos, I love how you got someone's portrait above that tiny mantel. I wish I had a doll house.

Charlotte said...

I love those pictures! If there were local class in making miniatures, I would go in a second.

And congratulations viz NPR!

Marianne said...

Awesome! Congratulations on the NPR list.

I was soooo tempted to pop one of the Coraline puppets into my handbag when we went out to the set. But I resisted for our host's sake.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to read ''When You Reach Me''. I read it like, twenty-something times already.

Megsie said...

We have a miniatures display here in Minneapolis downtown on the eighth floor of Macy's. We went yesterday. Fun!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Huge WOO-HOO on the NPR list. Very nice.
Those window displays make me want to create some in my own window. I bet I could even if only the mailman and a few neighbors see them.

Blackbird Fly said...

Ohhhhh, I beat you Laini! 12 degrees here in Seattle this morning :P

CONGRATS on the NPR list!!!!!!!!!

And lovelylovelylovely pictures.


Katie Anderson said...

Amazing photos! such fun!

And yay Lips Touch!!!!

persnickety_jen said...

I love it when stores dress up their windows! Ever since I moved to Chicago, I've always made a point of heading to the Loop to check out the window displays of Macy's (formerly the flagship Marshall Fields). They always run a different theme every year and it's usually pretty spectacular.

The Coraline house would make for an excellent dollhouse... Although I think I would want one of the puppets. Even if it was one of Bobinsky's circus mice! :)

Hooray for LIPS TOUCH! NPR has some good taste, I tell you. (And I'm also really glad about Frances Hardinge... I loved FLY BY NIGHT and WELL WITCHED, so I'm sure this one is just as fabulous.

Myrna Foster said...

I love the detail and color in your pictures--so much fun to look at!

And congratulations on making the NPR list. I'm excited to read most of the books on the list.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures from NY. Love the one with Aunt Patti in the mirror. Congrats and everything Laini! Can't wait to read it.

Elena said...

I love the pictures! I have always liked setting up a miniature Christmas village.

Amber said...

SO cool! Wouldn't that be a fun job? When I was in Chico, I did the windows at the department store where I worked for a bit. But we didn't have super cool things to work with like that!

CONGRATS on all the good things! I LOVED it. I re-read the last story a week or so ago. It is so good! Your brain is crazy-creative.


Ruthie Redden said...

such stunning window displays! I a off to discover more, your books sound so intriguing