Friday, December 04, 2009

Decorating Season Begins!

I've been on a Christmas decorating binge this week, feeling the need for some NEW to add to the mix (I got a pink tree! A pink tree! Decorated, so far, with cocktail umbrellas, though I plan to add glitter letters too, as soon as I make them), as well as using the old stuff in different ways. You know, a good decorating binge just feeds my soul -- I guess I get it from my mom, who my dad declares is "at least 50% elf." I'll have pictures by and by, but today I thought I'd detour you to an absolutely amazing place you can get lost in like it's Narnia or something. It has majorly exacerbated my own decorating urges, along with all the December issues of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion off my studio shelf. Glad I kept those (although they are swiss-cheesed from various collage projects)! So many fun, creative homes.

Anyway, the magical site is A Fanciful Twist -- Vanessa Valencia is an Arizona artist with a country and a town residence. The current post is the town home, and it's cool, but scroll down to the country one. Amayyyyzing! And in the sidebar there are icons for her Mad Hatter's Tea Parties -- I want to go to there.

Have fun!


Blackbird Fly said...

This is always one of my favorite times of year for the very reason of decorating--and seeing everyone else's decorations, too!

I am REALLY excited for the pink tree pics!


Megsie said...

I am also anxious to see the pink tree! I haven't started decorating yet, only the tree is up...and trimmed.

mel said...

Very cool link -- but I just can't get past the overwhelming agony of trying to manage THE DUST!! CAn you imagine?!?!?

Of course, that's my perspective of two kids and a menagerie....


jesse joshua watson said...

Swiss Cheesed. It's a perfect description.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Yay for pink trees! I'd love to get a full sized pink one someday.