Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Book Birthday, Silksinger!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Silksinger, happy birthday to you, and many moooooore!"


It's official. Silksinger is born :-) Here, have a cupcake!

So, what's Silksinger about?

Whisper Silksinger is no warrior--she’s a weaver of flying carpets. But when devils attack her isolated island home, she must flee alone with nothing but a copper tea kettle and the ember that smolders inside it. That ember--her secret and her burden--is none other than the Azazel, one of the seven Djinn who made the world, and it falls to Whisper to keep him safe.

Pursued by devils, she joins a dragonfly caravan and meets Hirik, a mysterious faerie mercenary with an ancient sword and a dangerous secret of his own.

All the while, Magpie Windwitch, the Djinn King’s Champion, is on their trail, intent on finding Whisper before the devils do. It’s a desperate quest, because if the Azazel should die, the Tapestry of Creation will fail, and all life with it.

Discover an exotic world of secrets and spice, fortune-tellers, hobgoblins, mercenaries, and devils. Whisper and Hirik are intriguing new charactrs whose unexpected magic will play an important role in the battles to come, as new foes rise and the devil armies of the Dawn Days are unleashed once more.

Ooh. Chills.

Let me see, what can I tell you about the creation of Silksinger? Hm. Well, for one thing, it is not easier to write a second novel than it is a first! Also, when you think you know what your new book is going to be about . . . you think you've got it all mapped out? Well. Books can be like children. You know, you want them to grow up to be doctors, but they have their own ideas. Also, interweaving multiple plotlines all while trying to carry on a multi-book story arc? It often felt like I was trying to braid hair with more strands than I had fingers to hold them. Like my head could not contain it all.

Hey, remember that old tootsie pop commercial?
tee hee. So, how many attempts does it take to get the proper beginning of a novel? I don't know! Not three. More like this:
Don't ask how many completely different first chapters and first 50-60 pages I wrote. A lot/. It was fairly late in the game that I came up with the first chapter I posted yesterday. The important question is:

(How funny! I was interrupted and just came back to the post and looking at the above text, I have no idea what I was going to say the important question was! I guess it wasn't that important! The interruption? There's this extremely skinny black and white cat with big green eyes and matted fur that has appeared around the neighborhood recently. Unlike the many ferals, it's wearing a collar. Well, it just came to the door. I mean, it nudged the screen door so I could hear a creak and thought someone was on the porch. Poor kitty, he wants to come in. He's so skinny! He must have been abandoned. It's heartbreaking. I brought him out some wet dog food and he chowed down and let me pet him. I need to figure out a way to help this cat. Hm. Anyone local want to rehab a sweet skinny cat that will be really pretty once he's bathed and fattened up? I want to, but Leroy's not so into cats. Anyway. That's what made me forget my important question.)

So, forget the important question. Today all you should be worrying about is reading Silksinger while eating cupcakes. Okay, and mangoes.

And now, for the winners of the Blackbringer giveaway!

It was really hard to decide, so many of you had such awesome reasons why the book should go to you, and it was very entertaining and heartwarming. In the end, though, had to choose. Here are the three winners:

"Jem M" who likened reading my blog to eating a cupcake, and also used the word "eldritch" which happens to be one of my all-time favorite words.

"Jeva L" who wrote her reasons as an acrostic poem that spells out "Magpie Windwitch," and whose villainous father wouldn't let her buy Blackbringer -- and I quote "cue the VIOLINS. TEARS. HANDKERCHIEFS." Just my kind of teen melodrama!

"Shelley" who finished her first novel with the help of Not For Robots, and who teaches writing in California and will bring the book in for her students.

Congratulations! I'll be sending your books out very soon. I'm sorry I can't send one to everybody who wrote in. Thank you so much for participating! You still have a chance to win something, however, because today is Silksinger giveaway day! For this giveaway I'm offering two hardcover copies of the book, but you'll have to wait for them because I do not in fact have them yet. I expect to receive my box of books from the publisher any day.

How do you win Silksinger?
This time, instead of telling my why you want it, I'm going to ask you to answer a Dreamdark trivia question that should be easy if you've read Blackbringer. Are you ready? You're going to email me the answer with the subject line SILKSINGER, PLEASE, in all caps. Remember to include your mailing address!

The question is:

What is the term used for faerie babies and small children?

The contest will be open through the end of the day on Friday, at which time I will put all the correct entries in a hat and choose two at random. You will win a signed copy of Silksinger and a pack of Rathersting tattoos.

Have a fabulous day!

Order Blackbringer in hardcover.
Order Blackbringer in paperback.
Order Silksinger in hardcover.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!!! :-)


S R Wood said...

Rock. ON!

I don't know why, but the copper tea kettle is what got me. It's just right. I mean, I can *see* it.

Congratulations and I can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Fatsypatsy!!! I left you a review on Amazon to celebrate. (I was rushing out the door so likely will edit it to make it much better and detailed.) Eventually, the Dreamdark books will be in the "Classics" section with the Narnia, Lord of the RIngs, Scooby Doo, and Marshmallow Marsha books. Seriously, it will be in the best of the best sections and hopefully kiddos three thousand years from now will still be reading all about Magpie!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I love your line about wanting them to grow up to be doctors but they have other ideas. Delightful post, and a great big Woo-hoo for your big day.

Jeva said...

Hello Laini!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait to reread Blackbringer--and my copy of Silksinger hasn't arrived yet :( but I can't wait to read it, too!

Thanks again! You made my day! :)


turquoise cro said...

YOU won't believe this but we have a little white and grey kitty stray! I've gone about getting this cat a home in a different way! I just chased it across the street to my neighbors(with a broom like a witch) who has 9 or more cats anyway(what's the big deal for just 1 more?!!)since I am highly allergic to every animal on Earth and Beyond to Blackbringer and Silksinger worlds!!! I HOPE she decides to stay over there!!!She will have such a wonderful home! I know because I have visited over there, ah-CHOO! Good Luck....cupcakes are soOOOOOOoo yummy! Kisses to YOU know who!

storyqueen said...

Aw, Laini!! I can't believe I won. You cannot believe how excited I am.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Shveta said...

Whoo, congratulations! Can't wait for my copy to arrive. :)

Michele Thornton said...

Amazon just emailed me yesterday to tell my my copy was winging its way to me.

About the cat. I have a habit of taking in strays. I have two now, but I'm not sure how they will take to a new addition. I could try him out. Let me know if he's still coming around. There's also a nice shelter here in West Linn that might help. Shoot me an email.

JEM M said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Wow...WOW. You just made my week! :)

Stephanie Perkins said...


I'm so happy that now the entire world will know how fantastic this novel is!! And I cannot WAIT to go purchase my own shiny copy at the store this weekend!

I'm so thrilled for you! Today is a HUGE day!!

Carrie Harris said...

Happy book birthday! I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

johanna said...

Yahoo!! Congratulations! Can't wait to read this.

myrna said...

Congratulations! I hope my copy is here soon. I'll be checking the mail every day next week.

Poor kitty. We lost one of ours when she was a kitten, but a wonderful lady took her in and put up a poster with pictures in the Post Office. One of my friends saw the poster, and we got her back. We still don't know how the kitten got miles away from home. Ben thinks she crawled in his car and then crawled out when he stopped at the gas station that morning. Anyway, the kitty might not have been abandoned on purpose.

Diandra Mae said...

Mine just arrived in the mail! Hooray! I am now putting my husband on duty with the kid, and am burrowing into bed with it.

Happy Happy Book Birthday!

(my word verification is spinsper-sounds faery-ish!)

Lexi said...

Yay Yay Silksinger! I can't wait to get my copy from the bookstore tomorrow!

Michael Shawn Keller said...

Congradulations! As a young new author you really give me hope and inspiration...Thankyou

Nerd Goddess said...

I just bought my copy of Silksinger! It looks lovely, and I can't wait to get started reading it. I completely forgot my name was going to be in there until Enna Isilee pointed it out to me! I can't believe that was a whole year ago, but I'm very excited to read about all those lovely characters again. Especially Slomby. Oh, I just love Slomby!

tone almhjell said...

Happy birthday! And maybe a little bowl of food for the little cat outside the door, just to tide him over? Say hi from me.

holly cupala said...

Hmm, if memory serves (which is badly damaged, between mommy brain, revision, and the ever-marching details of life)...sprouts? In fact, I call my little one that now and then!

Happy Birthday, Silksinger! You are most beautiful on your big day.