Thursday, September 04, 2008


Remember that really wonderful writing day I had? How butterflies were circling my head like a crown? Well, it was followed by two interruption-filled days of half-hearted futzing, and I have barely made any more headway with it. Because that's just how I roll. ARG! I hate having to go anywhere in the morning. It rilly rilly screws up my day. I want to start with a bowl of cereal (Organic Morning Light) and a bunch of blueberries, read a chapter of something while I eat, maybe a story from the new Realms of Fantasy, and then move to the writing room with a cup of coffee as big as my head, and get started.

But yesterday I went to meet Alexandra at a meeting (to which she did not show up), and after that I had to go to the a) bank, b) drug store, c) grocery store, d) library. And then, today got started with a trip to the dermatologist, where the doctor acted very Republican about my hair ("Whoa! Did you do that on purpose? Or was it a mess-up?"), and then cut me with sharp instruments. Wheeee! And all this Sarah Palin malarkey has been throwing me off, all my frustration makes it hard to concentrate. So, the up and down rollercoaster of writing days has dipped into a trough, but I'm hoping to pull it out tomorrow, because I don't have to be anywhere in the morning! Or afternoon! Or evening! Wheeeeeeee!!!

(By the way, have the days been shortened? I could swear there have been about six hours in a day lately.)

You may not be following the politics, and you may be sick of me already, so I'm just putting this at the end, but if you're here, you just might like books, so you should know that Sarah Palin is a book-banner. One of those people who's all Second Amendment, no First Amendment. One of her first acts on becoming of mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, was to fire the City Librarian. As far as I've heard, this was a preemptive strike, because she didn't believe the librarian was "behind her." Now. . . what reason could a mayor of a small town have to need the librarian to be "behind her"? Uh, yeah. She tried to get books banned, and threatened at least one other librarian with firing.

If you're interested (BE INTERESTED!. This is the world. This is important.), CBS News has posted a breakdown of lies in Palin's speech. It's very enlightening. For example, she claimed that "families of special needs children. . . will have a friend in the White House" -- but the truth? As governor of Alaska, Palin slashed budgets for schools for special needs kids by 62%. [!!!!!] They lie to your face. To your face. HERE is the Obama campaign rebuttal, with a very thorough breakdown of the many, many lies.

And lastly, for the day, a really awesome piece from the Daily Show. Enjoy!


Alex S said...

What a cheap shot when you know how hard I am working at the GOP convention. I was busy helping Sarah pick out her outfit for the speech tonight. Don't be so selfish. And btw, about all that book banning... She only wanted to ban a few books. Whats the big deal?

Anonymous said...

I hopre it wasn't the derm I suggested, gads. And the Jon Daily piece was hysterical! As was Stephen Colbert.

Cuppa Jolie said...

I hope today brings a better writing day and many cups of coffee the size of your head. I'm driking one as I type and feeling better by the second. Ahhhh!

Love, love, luvva, luvva Jon Stewart! Such a great clip.

Stephanie Perkins said...

NOOOO! I'm sorry to hear this! I hope today is MUCH better for you, and you dive back into that Sunday Scribblings magical la-la-la the-world-is-wonderful flow.

(It comes back eventually. It always does.)

And UGH about the doctor. I've had a higher percentage of irritating comments this week too. Don't you just LOVE it when people ask if it was a mistake? (Yes. I fell into a vat of bleach, paused for twenty minutes, and then fell asleep on a pillow made of blue Kool-Aid. Um. Hello?)

Jon Stewart is one of my favorite people on the planet.

Elise Murphy said...

Oh, I've been meaning to ask???? When is the Daily News, you know, the REAL news going to get that prime time spot on ABC?

I hope the writing day improves! If it helps at all . . . your blog about free flowing, goblin filled, happy writing really helped me the other day. I put down the revisions and just wrote for the sheer joy of it. You're a genius!

Anonymous said...

a-MEN, sister!!!!!

and kick your doctor in the knees next time for me-- the hell? she doesn't like pink hair?

I LOVE pink hair--


Anonymous said...

OH no he didn't! *snaps in z formation* (I was never really good at that).
Pink hair is wicked! Hmm...i lie to myself. Pink is among yellow and blue in my top three least-favourite colours, but I think it's fun to dye your hair something more original. One day I'm dyeing mine a bright, stand-out red. Yes ma'am.
I wish I could say I understand your frustration, but I'm not accustomed with such errands and I love going to the library. ^_^ It's my haven, but I hope your writing-wickedness comes back to you soon especially after I read a bit of Goblin Fruit on Jolie's blog. It was amazing and I'm so ready for more stories from you!

Anonymous said...

Why did I just call it Goblin Fruit? It's Lips Touch, damn it! Oy...I'm still can't seem to adjust to the new name even though it's been months since it was called Goblin Fruit.

Ronald L. Smith said...

Hi Laini,

I followed some posts somewhere in the blogosphere and landed here. Lucky me. I've seen your book on the shelves at Borders (the cover is very striking.

Now that I've discovered who you are I'm going to pick up a copy. Great blog you have here! I really like the "Robot" blog, too. Good stuff.

tone almhjell said...

Hihi. If only everybody would watch Jon Stewart.

I love your hair, too. If it makes you feel any better, I was once arrested by a guy posing as 'fashion police' on the street in New York City because he could see my roots. And then he discovered that my hairdresser had put a darker colour in there on purpose. And then he shook his haid and said he would never understand Europeans.

Made me feel really cute, I tell you.

Here's hoping for a better writing week ahead. I need one, too.

Emily J. Griffin said...

I just made my parents watch that exact Daily Show clip. I've been talking it up to anyone who will listen, which isn't many considering a reside in the South. Also, read the blurp about your mom being pulled over to my mom and she loved it. Her exact reaction, "Good for her... and that cop was way out of line!"

Love for Liberals moms and blogs.

Emily J. Griffin said...

A quote from the Time article on Palin, which I know will cause multiple gag reflexes amongst readers and hopefully the start of a few pitch-fork carrying protests...

"As mayor, 'she asked the library how she could go about banning books..."

Banning books? If I weren't already out, I would be now. Blasphemy.