Friday, September 12, 2008

cute baby weasels, not convulsing

Look how cute -- a baby weasel! It doesn't look so savage, really, as the weasels in that illustration I posted a few days ago. I randomly came across these on some blog that I have already forgotten, and I had to swipe them, for the weasel coincidence of it all.

As for "weasel convulsions," I haven't been experiencing any for this reason: I have been writing by hand in a notebook because a) my computer made it too easy to "check" political headlines and get involved in blog discussions. Oy! And b) my mad perfectionist-brain got me in some kind of strait jacket and I was being way too persnickity with young "newt," who is at a stage in life that he really needs to, umm, you know, play with the weasels. {What??}

So: notebook. Scribble scribble scribble. Oh, and let me be clear this is NOT happening in my lovely collaged journal from the last post. My Clairefontaine notebooks are just for ideas and notes and weird and obscure nature and history and folklore facts, like this:

Inanna, ancient Sumerian goddess of sex and warfare; could be found swaggering around streets and dragging young men out of taverns to. . . well, you know.

Why did I write that one down? I don't know. I see that in this notebook I also noted the interesting fact that a child had just walked past my window wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. Don't you think that is interesting? Anyway, so the messy scrivvle-scravvlings are not happening in the pretty notebook, but in this polka-dotted spiral jobby from Borders. They have good spiral notebooks at Borders, fyi, with lots of pretty covers, plastic-reinforced, and with thick-enough paper, not like the crud back-to-school type notebooks. I know I'm a bit of a nutcase about notebooks, but it is what it is. I will also only write with one kind of pen: a Pilot Precise rolling ball, V5 extra fine. Any color, preferably many colors.

Sooo, last night on the treadmill, as so often happens on the treadmill, I was thinking about "newt" and I got a gazillion ideas, gazillion, and I had to hold them all in my head until I got home and furiously wrote them all down. So exciting. I love ideas, and I love it when they snick, and I love dreaming up situations that make me go, "Ooh, cool." Why doesn't everybody write? I'm not saying they should. God, no. There are enough of us already.

Oh, and look at the baby otter:
So cute!!! Steph illustrates her posts with hot British men, and I use baby animals. What does that say about us, I wonder. (She has some more good -- and slightly unusual -- revision advice posted, by the way.)


Stephanie Perkins said...

What is this nonsense about Clairfontaine journals and Pilot Precise rolling ball V5 pens?? Don't you know you are supposed to use Moleskine journals and Pilot G2 gel rollers???

Hmph. Honestly.

And I think it says you need another pet (that otter is awfully cute, I'd go for him), and I need to go back to middle school.

Or I could just move to England. One or the other.

Anonymous said...

Baby so cute...

Elise Murphy said...

Well, baby animals AND hot British men are both . . . cute? Yes. That's it.

Happy Snick to you!

Alysa Stewart said...

i think baby otters are cuter than baby weasels.

Q said...

Aw. Adorable.

SF and Katie said...

I have adopted the word "snick"these days -- and have been snicking away myself :-)

~love to read about your quirky ideas. too fun

Kristina Springer said...

Just stopping by to let you know that the Author2Author girls nominated this blog for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award. Check here:

Amber said...

Cute baby animals!!


Anonymous said...

GASP! Look at the baby otter! It's so adorable! Hmm...wonder if I could managed a pet otter on top of three pet weasels, a dormouse, two geckos, and a squirrel.

Carrie Harris said...

Oooh. Have you read Snow Crash? It's got all kinds of cool stuff about Inanna. I ADORE Inanna. I'd be Inanna for Halloween, but I'm not sure anyone else would get it.

Anonymous said...

Oy - I am so far behind - I've missed weasels spasming? I'm glad to see these aren't - and that your writing is going well. And the otter - LOVE the baby otter.

tone almhjell said...

I put Inanna in one of my stories for live roleplaying once. Erm. There was no naughtiness, I promise, I just swiped the name and the love for trouble and fun when I wrote the role.

I created a gaggle of orphans with names and personalities inspired by Sumerian gods. They all had blue skin and were dying from it (too much magic, you see), and so at the beginning of the game they had run away from their so-called father to find the way back to our world and to get rid of the magic. I think those guys had a great time.

And I'd like a baby squirrel, please.

Ronald L. Smith said...

Laini, I picked up Faeries of DreamDark this weekend at Borders. A special order, no less! I can't wait to curl up and escape with it.

Love your blog!

And weasels.