Friday, January 25, 2008

author love

So, you know how I love it when people email me and tell me they read my book? (I do. I love that.) And you know how I love meeting other authors and talking shop with them? Well, I got this email the other day from someone who had just read my book and. . . that someone happened to be an author whose book I loved, and I recall that I blogged about it at the time, but -- I did not email her and tell her I loved it. I need to make it a policy to always do that, because if I love hearing from readers, chances are other authors do too!

Anyway, this author is Jessica Day George, author of the delightful Dragon Slippers, which was one of several wonderful dragon books I read last year. It was kind of a dragon book year for me, and the great thing about it is how totally different they all were! Dragon Slippers presents dragons unlike any you have ever met. They are charming, some of them even silly, and. . . they collect things. . . like shoes! But, it is not a "silly" book -- it's a dramatic, cool adventure book that I gobbled up in a day or two. It was delicious. Now, the sequel is coming out in a few months, and as if that's not enough, Jessica just had another book come out this month! All that, and she has a small child! In fact, she wrote Dragon Slippers with a tiny baby on her lap! So, I cannot wait to read her new book. I will let you know when I do.

AND, I cannot wait to meet Shannon Hale tomorrow at Powell's! Shannon is the fabulous author who wrote a blurb for the cover of my book, for which I will always be grateful. My editor told me she was rushing to finish reading it almost to the moment before she went into labor with her second child! Ha ha, I think that's an exaggeration. Anyway, some of Shannon's books are Goose Girl and Princess Academy, wonderful wonderful, and her newest Book of a Thousand Days which I will buy tomorrow at the signing.

If you're local, it's at Beaverton Powell's at 2. Can't wait! And, Libba Bray will also be there to sign her new book.

And, in audiobook news, Recorded Books sent me an audiofile of the narrator they want to use for Blackbringer, and I got to hear an actress read a chapter of my book, and it was The. Coolest. Thing. Ever. She's amazing!! Her name is Davina Porter and she's a "golden voice" -- that kind of means she's in the audiobook hall of fame. I know I've heard her read before. Her voice is exquisite. Can't wait to hear the whole thing! She's English, I think, but may have Scots heritage. Whether she does or not, she can certainly do Scots -- I mean, she narrated the Outlander books on tape!!! I wish I could link the short recording here on my blog, but I can't. Hopefully, when it's actually coming out, I'll be able to put up an audio sample. That would be cool.

Happy weekend to all. Maybe go to an author reading, even if it isn't Shannon Hale. Authors need love!


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh, I want to hear it! I hope you CAN post an excerpt.

Amber Lough said...

I am really quite jealous you're going to meet/see Shannon Hale tomorrow. Her books are like black holes--when I go near one, I don't come out.

Your book was like that, too, so although you don't have as many books out YET, your stories are equally amazing and engaging. :-) And I'm not just saying that b/c you're my friend.

As no authors seem to come out this way, I am going to a spinning class at the gym. And I will die. And then after a few days of tylenol, I'll reemerge.

Oh, and guess what? I'm mailing out my manuscript to AALB next week. (If all goes to plan.) Wish me luck!

Deirdre said...

Davina Porter has the best reading voice I've ever heard. (The Outlander books are such favorites that I've gotten a few of them on CD too.) What a perfect match for Blackbringer - the voice of Claire and Magpie. This news is wonderful.

Amber said...

Very, very cool. Congrats on the audiobook! How exciting. :)


Amber said...

Oh, and as for the author with the baby on her lap? Yeah, thaaanks for that news. Oh! Did you hear that? That was my self-esteem dropping through the floor. ;) LOL!


Laini Taylor said...

amber (first amber): YAYAYAY about sending out your manuscript! Yippee! All my best wishes with that!

deirdre: so cool that you know Davina Porter! Isn't she amazing? The excerpt she did, she only read one chapter and so didn't even know the characterization of the book and it was STILL awesome. Can't wait to hear the real thing!

And [second] Amber: Yeah, that about the baby? I'm just preliminarily brainwashing myself about the possibilities of combining writing and motherhood -- for *someday* !!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Cool about the audio book! Can't wait to hear it ... I want to get it from the library & listen to it while I knit. It'll be even better since I've already read the book.

BTW, when does your next book come out? I've been impatiently but quietly waiting.

Alex S said...

Excuuuuse me, you didn't even mention what the most exciting part of your day will really be! How did that happen? I'm crushed. Don't pick me up anymore. I'm making other plans Fatty.

Heather said...

Ahhh...nothing finer than one-handed typing while breastfeeding a baby! Been there, done that! Of course, i didn't type anything bigger than emails, but hey....

Anonymous said...

I loved Dragon Slippers too, and I read Jessica Day George's blog. I read the post she wrote about Blackbringer! Blackbringer is amazing, I can't wait for the sequel!

Q said...

Oh, my gosh. You will LOVE Book of a Thousand Days. It. Is. SO. Good.

And Shannon's signings are always so fun--she is HILARIOUS. I hope you have lots of fun!

Linda said...

too cool! I love the idea of my favorite authors hanging out together, putting bolts up their noses and saluting other follicly-enhanced friends.

This is my first time posting a comment here but I have been reading your blog for a while, ever since I finshed Blackbringer...which I was remarkable! I had never read anything like it; I was completely sucked in. You really have such a cool "voice" and I'm sure the audiobook will be fun and colorful as well.
I'll be waiting to hear more news about your next book!