Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday at Powell's

Hey, Jay Asher, look what's at eye level on the teen recommended shelf at Powell's! The brand-new Thirteen Reasons Why, that's what! Pretty cool, eh? Here's another view:
And check it out, also well represented: Robin Brande!

I was so excited to see both of these books prominently displayed at Powell's yesterday! I've blogged about them both before, but if you missed those days, I highly recommend both of these books. Jay's book is about teen suicide, and the way things can snowball in a young person's head until it seems they have no other choice but to end their life. The quirk of the storytelling is that it is told in a series of 13 casette tapes that the dead girl has recorded to be listened to by her peers, one by one, after her death. Awesome book, and amazing the empathy Jay has for teenage girls -- his agent told him there must be a depressed teenage girl inside of him. Ha ha! And Robin's book is a totally fun & thought-provoking read about the issue of teaching evolution vs intelligent design in schools. I loved them both!

And of course, I was excited to visit my own book on the "new & noteworthy" shelf:
(That's it by my hand.) It was a warm-fuzzy trip to the bookstore for me -- right away upon walking in I caught sight of a woman browsing a well-stocked Laini's Ladies spinner rack and she had about ten in her hand like she couldn't decide! I couldn't resist talking to her and it turned out she was from Switzerland and had come back to Powell's before going home just to get some as gifts to take with. Yay! And then, to see a big stack of my books faced out on the "noteworthy" display. Yay!!!!!!

I [heart] Powell's Books. Being a shut-in lately, I hadn't been able to visit my book in any stores, so it was nice to get out and meet friends there yesterday. I've been wanting to add a regular feature to my blog called "Sundays at Powell's" as a way of keeping up on new releases and finding funky old titles too and just as an excuse to be at Powell's once a week. This might be the first! After doing a little shopping, Jim and I went with Amy & Sasha and Amy's mom Meryl and her husband Murray to the vegan cafe a few blocks away -- The Blossoming Lotus. We love this place. It's in the lobby of Yoga in the Pearl, and it's YUMMY. All vegan, organic, with lots of "live" options too, like live soup and pizza -- I don't totally know what that means, but it sounds pretty hardcore. And Woody Harrelson was eating there in the corner, mellow as can be and looking very cool. We don't see "celebrities" in Portland very often, so it was kind of exciting, though we all played it cool, like we see movie stars every day. ha ha.

Then, yesterday evening, it was my dad's early-birthday celebration, at which cupcakes made an appearance. And the hit gift of the night? From Alexandra, a three-pack of novelty eyebrows:
Happy birthday, Papa!


Alex S said...

Looking at that makes me want to eat the cupcakes all over again! I am still recovering from the tastiness of them. I never got a bite of the coconut one. >: It is so weird to see Blackbringer in stores still even after the passage of some months. And before you know it Silksinger will be sitting right next to it, and then the third, Fartbringer, and then Boogerpooter. Magpie hasn't even discovered her gassy powers yet! If you read this Amy or Sasha, it was wonderful to see you! And Woody, if you happen to read this, I will see you at 8pm sharp!(Marilyn saw Woody too walking down the street!)

Unknown said...

Laini, I have been ogling your hair and I must know - what dye is it? I went (partially) pink in August and I've already touched up once but it fades SO fast!

thanks - :p

Disco Mermaids said...

Fartbringer? Boogerpooter? Yes!

Thanks for the pics, Laini. I am definitely suffering from Powell's withdrawals (it's been almost two years), so it's good to know I'm at least there in print.

When I eventually make it up there to visit, I'm guessing you won't mind a few trips to the bookstore?

- Jay

Robin Brande said...

Laini and Jim, first of all it's always nice to see your smiling faces in any picture. (By the way, Jim, I've already ordered three t-shirts from your design shop at Cafe Press--can't wait to get those and then order some more!)

Anyway, thanks for telling Jay and me about our prominent placement. But how about you there, Superstar? As you know, I love your book to pieces and have been blabbing about it far and near, making sure other bookstore owners and readers know they need to get it and get it NOW.

Hope you're working diligently on the sequel, or I will have to come up there and kick your behind into action. We need more, more, more!

Tricia said...

laini, what an inspiration you are! my daughter is curled up on the couch right now with your book and i am heading to find a spot next to her, get out my notebook and write.
i used to enjoy writing and then left it for a long time. i had a short story published then joined a local writer's group, hoping to make friends and find community. the first critique was so harsh and i let it get to me--bad. i was crushed. i kept thinking "i am not smart enough for this" and i put the novel i had worked on for ten months into the closet. i played with papers and paints instead. i never stopped thinking about the writing in the closet that i am ready to put pen to paper again i find that i am stronger and at a better place to tell the story than i was before.
i just want you to know what a huge help/inspiration the "methods to my madness" essay is for me right now. i think am going to print the entire essay so that i can read it uninterrupted while my daughter is in her ballet class.
thank you so very much.

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

still LOVIN' your hair!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Those cupcakes look absolutely divine. Hope your dad had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...


I can say no more.