Thursday, October 18, 2007

A few studio days

So, while the furnace installers are here clanking around right next to my writing room for a few days, this seemed like a good opportunity to finish designing my new line of Laini's Ladies for Spring '08. So I'm spending a few days in the studio, which I haven't done in a while!

When I'm working in the studio I am much more world-aware than when I am in a writing haze -- I listen to Air America and various downloads with Jim all day, rather than existing solely in my Dreamdark dreamworld. I learn about such things as the new candidate for attorney general (you know you're living in bad times when it comes as a shock the new attorney general is -- gasp!! -- anti-torture!!! WOW! I have been more "out of it" politically than I like to be, but in a couple days I will right back to that Dreamdark dreamworld with very little news getting through. Jim keeps me posted, though.

Again, last night, Pushing Daisies was brilliant and sweet. SO sweet! It makes you go, "Awwwww. . ." but it is weird enough and with enough dead people and darkness to not be cutesy. If you watched it: the plastic wrap! Awwwwww. . .

While in the studio yesterday I took the opportunity to do a step-by-step journal cover collage demo I've been meaning to do. You can see that below.

And here's Jim, drawing away:


~Stella said...

I hope you love your new furnace! And that sounds really weird, but I really hope you will and I know you will.

My husband and I had one of those gravity furnaces when we lived in MN. We spent a lot of our time indoors dressed like your husband in the bottom picture.

Here's to new furnaces (lifts glass)!


Alysa Stewart said...

Awww was exactly my reaction! And I have to thank you for blogging about Pushing Daisies because before it came out I planned on watching it (just so happens that an acquaintance of mine is working on the animation) but I had forgotten about it. Then you told me I could find all the episodes online -- huzzah! I'm LOVING it, and I have you to thank, at least partially. Keep blogging, I love reading it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, "anti-torture"...but apparently only as long as the Bushies can define what is and isn't torture (since he wouldn't label water boarding as torture). Depressing.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, best line ever (with best delivery)--"I'll go see if I have some plastic wrap!"