Tuesday, March 09, 2010

1st Small Goat

Hey all March NaNo'ers! Our first small *goat* is almost upon us. How goes it? Tomorrow it'll be time (already!) for another Mr. Linky box, where we can check in with our first small goal and forge forward toward the next one. I hope you're all writing writing writing!!!

I've had some very good days here and some days that were fun (sunshine!!!) but not productive, and yet another day that was productive, but for art (new Laini's Ladies!), not writing. Still, I am going to make my goal tomorrow and I've had a few mornings writing where that best of all possible things happens, where ... you know ... things happen. I've heard it referred to as the magic that occurs between your fingers and the keys of your keyboard, when story appears as if from nowhere and things happen. Marvelous! I am having FUN with my w.i.p. and the story is revealing itself and moving forward, and that is excellent. It's veryvery rough, but whenever I can work rough, I feel proud of myself for keeping my mental illness perfectionism in check. Yay, me!

Need a 20-minute creative inspiration break? Stephanie sent me this link to a T.E.D. talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it's really fun. A "sane" way of looking at creativity.

Cheers! Now: back to writing! (You can stop to pet the goat, but only for a minute :-)

P.S. Clementine is 7 months old today. Wow! 7 months!!


Debbie Barr said...

I think I need to join your club. My draft is absolutely crawling along right now, and it makes me want to tear my hair out.

I think I need to just let go of the fact that my beginning sucks and finish the first draft so I can revise. Hence why joining in might be a good idea.

Laini Taylor said...

Yes, Debbie, come join us! I need company in my rough-drafting :-)

Megsie said...

Oh, Laini~
That talk by Elizabeth Gilbert was amazing! Thanks for sharing! I may post it in a future post as well:)

Dawn Hullender said...

Must be something in the air girls, cause I'm having a hard time writing as well.

Although I have plenty of ideas, I just don't have the entusiasm I need in order to work sufficiently.

Where's this club and where can I sign up?

Yat-Yee said...

7 months....oh, I am all nostalgic for my babies' infanthood...

Adelee said...

Hi Laini,

I've just finished reading both Dreamdark books and absolutely love both! You're such a talented writer--a very poetic one! Your diction and style is full of magic and beauty.

I also wanted to say thanks for posting the link to Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk--a great listen! I wanted to know if you view your own 'genius' at a distance (when it comes to writing)and how you 'capture' that inspiration genius!