Monday, February 08, 2010

Where do the days go? And the months???

Hey, where do the days go??? Among other things, I've been busily prepping for a school visit tomorrow. Why is it middle-schoolers make me so nervous? I could talk to 4th graders day after day and never get anxious about it, and the younger grades are just so adorable and happy -- I want to write some books for the little ones, because school visits to them are so much fun! But start getting up to 5th... well, they're still pretty easy, but I don't know, 6th, 7th, and -- ulp -- 8th? They're too cool for me. They're actually way cooler than me. That must be the problem. So hopefully they will be interested tomorrow. It's almost midnight, and I'm as ready as I'm going to be! (I have a high school visit coming up, and that's even scarier!)

And hey, Clementine turns 6 months tomorrow! Where do the months go??? It's been a half a YEAR already?!?! Madness.

That's all. See ya later.

The school visit was fabulous! The best I've ever done -- the kids acted out scenes from Blackbringer, and there was cake and flowers, and I found out they'd made and sold truffles themselves to raise money for my visit -- that's never happened before! I'm in love with the school, which was a really little school in a beautiful, pastoral spot. I wonder now why I was nervous. Best. Kids. Ever. :-)


tone almhjell said...

I know! Eightgraders terrify me! The one semester I didn't get a student loan (I had studied for too long, there was an eight year limit, haha), I had to temp at a middle school to scrape by, and man. I've never felt more like a plastic bag of old corduroy. But just try to imagine how you would have felt if a cool writer with pink hair came to your school. Excited, no? In fact, pretending to speak to an eleven year old self seems to help. She liked the stuff I do.

And hug for Clementine! Happy half a year, little sprout!

storyqueen said...

School visit is going to go great. Think of it this way, you are getting kids out of regular class work! Already, the odds are stacked in you favor.

Have fun!


Megsie said...

You, my dear, are the epitome of cool. They are going to LOVE you.

Jackee said...

You ARE cool! How many people can look gorgeous in pink hair?

Good luck with the visit.

And tell Clementine Pie happy 6 mos from her birthday buddy, Audrey Skye.

オテモヤン said...


Marissa said...

Good luck- you'll be great! They'll probably love you as soon as they see your hair.

I was terrified the first time I had to speak to middle school students as a YA librarian. I decided to book talk THE DEAD AND THE GONE to grab their attention. I asked the teachers to not introduce me so I just walked right in and started telling them about the asteroid that had hit the moon the previous night. It took several minutes for them to realize I was talking about a book, and after that I had their rapt attention for the rest of my visit! I promise they're not as scary as we imagine!

Anonymous said...

I'm in ninth-grade and believe me, you are COOL.

Dangerous With a Pen said...

I teach the little guys... first grade... and author visits are THE BEST!!! I hope to be doing my own one day! :) You'll be great!


Amber Lough said...

You ARE cool, Laini! They will be thrilled to see you!

And I know what you mean about time flying by with kids. Yesterday, Henry was waddling about, and today, he learned how to shot put a potato (in the house).

Russell said...

I've been teaching middle school and high school for ten years, and I'm still nervous every morning before I start class. But, a few minutes into it, the nerves are gone, and we usually have a pretty good time. Don't worry. Just be yourself.

anne said...

You should put your fears at rest forever. Middle and high school kids think authors are way awesome, especially authors like you! Seriously. It's ok to be humble, just don't give yourself an ulcer over it!

tone almhjell said...

That's great! They raised money! So cool!

Tinker said...

That is so cool! What awesome kids (and teachers too, I bet).
Happy half birthday to Clementine!