Thursday, February 11, 2010

Needle-tooth, meet Nipple. Nipple, Needle-tooth.

Uck. I'm sick. My throat's all crunchy and I have no voice. I hopehopehope I do not pass it along to Clementine!!!!!! She woke up at 4 am and would start to nurse then cry and turn away, so I thought -- oh no! -- her throat was sore, but then she was fine, and just wanted to lay in bed between Jim and me and play and jibber-jabber. Which was pretty adorable, even at 4 am. Of course, I felt like heck with my croupy throat, but I made myself a delicious mug of hot water, brushed my teeth, and felt a little better. Jim read somewhere recently: "There is almost no situation that cannot immediately be improved by brushing one's teeth," and while I am sure there are actually a LOT of situations that are well beyond the power of toothbrushing to ameliorate, this was not one of them. It's the same with a really hot shower when you're sick, so that is how I started the morning. So at least I'm sick and clean.

As for the title of this post: Clementine has a tooth! 6 months on the nose and she had a wee little needle-sharp tooth peeking out, and there was no teething fuss to speak of, glory halleluja. And did I mention, needle-sharp? Delightful!

She's also pulling herself to a standing position (yipe!), and standing is just about her favorite thing. And yesterday, we finally took her to the swimming pool, which we've been meaning to do for months. It was so much fun and too adorable for words! The pool we went to (Mt. Scott) has the coolest kid area ever -- it's indoor and warm, almost body temp, and has a river with a powerful current that pulls you through it, and it has water features like fountains, and a vortex pools that runs in a circle, and this big loopy slide; so much fun! It's part of a community center, and I'm just so impressed with it. We went during baby time, so there weren't bigger kids making a lot of commotion, and I noticed that there were more dads there with their babies than moms. And, Jim pointed out, this being Portland, most of the other parents had tattoos. Clementine was very serious about the whole adventure, and after getting a taste of chlorine, decided to clamp her mouth shut and not risk getting any more, so she had this serious little pinch-mouthed look on her face as we swished her around the pool. And did I mention that Jim had bought her a little yellow-striped bathing suit? Ohmygosh.

Have I said how much I love dressing her? Baby clothes are a fine reason to have a baby, ha ha. Just kidding. But I do love them. And by the way, who might it have been that gave us the gorgeous owl-print baby kimono? (Heather???!!!) It fits her now, but I can't recall who gave it to us! Pictures later :-)

Apropos of nothing, while we were driving to the pool yesterday, that old song "Blinded by the Light" came on, and Jim commented how it always sounded to him like the singer was saying, "Wrapped up like a douche ..." and we listened intently and it does sound EXACTLY like that and we couldn't think of a single other thing he could be saying that sounded like "douche" but wasn't! And we didn't have the iphone on us to google it. Later, at home, I reminded Jim, and neither of us could remember what song it was, so Jim googled, "Classic rock song that sounds like he's saying douche" and sure enough, he found it, ha ha! Gotta love Google. And he's saying deuce. Oh. Funny.

Anyway, blah blah blah. Sleepy. G'night!


Unknown said...

holy crap, laini, how I love you:)

I was almost thinking of going to the reader's squam instead of the painter's squam just so I could meet you. But alas, the painterly piece of me couldn't stand to pay so much money to go to squam and not take a painting class.

Maybe I'll have to talk the school into bringing you out here for a school thingy and I'll woo (however that is spelled) you into coming over to visit with me and I'll make you sit down and chat while my daughters and I take turns braiding your hair. Don't worry we would feed you yummy stuff and if Jim and Clementine came that would be even better. Like a party. Okay, I'll stop. sorry.

yellow stiped swimsuit. That sounds adorable. I need two of those. and fast!

Amber Lough said...

I thought that's what he WAS saying in that song. Seriously.

Aren't pools fun?! I take Henry to the Y for a baby swim class, and he loves it. Only, I wish he'd clamp his mouth shut. When I dunk him, he sticks out his tonge and licks the water.

Teeth usually don't interfere with nursing. I hope Clementine doesn't try to use hers!

My word verification is Levee. Which makes me think of water. Funny. Ok, back to writing...

Myrna Foster said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I think all of mine used their teeth while they were nursing once, and I yelled (reflex) so loudly that they never did it again.

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, WOW. Teeth and pulling up already!? My nephew just turned 8 months, and yeah. He thinks he can walk. He "stands" on one foot. And falls a lot. It's most disturbing.

He has two wee teeth now. Fortunately, all sensitive bazongas are now removed from his bite radius...

Always good to hear how happy you are.

*my CAPTCHA word is "trizongs." This is disturbingly close to the OTHER word I just made up, and ... let's not even try defining this one, shall we?

tone almhjell said...

Hm, that achy throat developed into something bad, I'm guessing? Hope it melts away. Maybe you could cash in a full night's sleep if C takes the bottle at all. Feel better!

persnickety_jen said...

Ouch. Just reading the title of this post made me wince in sympathy pain. It's a good thing Little Miss Clem is so adorable you can't hold it against her! (Although I can't believe she's already standing up - wasn't she born last week? haha)

You know, whenever "Blinded by the Light" comes on, I inevitably get it stuck in my head. But that reminds me of a YouTube video John Scalzi linked to today on Twitter: My roommate and I laughed so hard we nearly cried - and now I have Metallica and Journey stuck in my head instead! XD

Suzanne said...

For all of my 33 years I have thought that the song said "wrapped up like a douche". Thank you for educating me. Although, if no one minds, I think I will continue to sing it that way.

Clothes are the reason I had kids. =) And little girls are just more fun to shop for... I don't know why!

Megsie said...

Thank you for finally clearing up those lyrics. I think EVERYONE hears "douche"in that song.

Hope you feel better and that Clementine doesn't bite you too hard...I remember those days.

Heather said...

LOL! Yes, the kimono was from me and I was JUST thinking the other day that it should be almost fitting her. I did not make that one, tho'. I was told it was "newborn" but remember thinking there was no way it would fit a teeny newb. Would LOVE to see a photo!

Just saw more of the dino lights at the store where I bought it and thought of your gang. They had other creatures too, but I really liked the cute little dinosaur.

Hoontah said...

I've always thought that was what he was saying in that song as well. Too funny.

Amber said...

Oh teeth and nips. Oh yeah. LOL

Did I ever tell you G cut her first tooth at 3 months?? And she has been a little ahead as far as teeth go-- getting, losing. It is odd. But she used to ENJOY giving my nip a nip! And I could look at her waaaaay back then and SO see the same stinker personality she has right NOW! LOL! She would give me the same smile and laugh when I would yelp and say No, as she gives now! Haha! But I had to stop nursing her at a year and a half, about, because she started in again with the "chomping for fun".

Good luck! :)


MotherReader said...

I made it through nursing when the kids had just bottom teeth, but when the top teeth came in that nipped it in the bud -so to speak.

Timothy Eastwood said...

Wow, that's so wonderful! Be aware though: baby teeth might look and feel needle sharp, but they are still very soft. Proper and careful cleaning should be done with them. Ask your dentist or pedia about it.