Monday, December 31, 2007


Wishing you all a wonderful 2008 -- I always love the start of something new, a new year, a new book, a new journey, whatever. It's so exciting. ANYTHING could happen! This could be the year aliens land! Or not.

I've been a bad blogger lately, been back to work on polishing up Silksinger, twiddling my fingers and wondering if my editor read what I sent him. And now I'm rushing off to a party, but I wanted to quickly put up some very late holiday pics -- and pics of stuff I made as gifts but couldn't put up BEFORE Christmas without the recipients seeing them. Didn't make too much this year, been so busy, but I HAVE to make SOME gifts.

I made three scarves. One for my mom:
One for Alexandra:
And one for this little birdy, who was destined for the top of my mom's stocking (I did not make the bird, just the scarf):

Jim and I collaborated on a few paintings. We meant to do more but ran out of time. This one was for Alexandra:
This one for my sister, whose two favorite things are wine and serpents. Jim drew it. LOVE it. See what the happy snakey ate for dinner?

(Jim also made Emily this necklace -- the snake is carved out of horn, and those are snake vertebrae on the sides. She loved it! She left for a tiny island off the coast of Honduras at midnight on Christmas, incidentally, to study pink boa constrictors. No joke.)\And for Chary:

Lastly, I love stockings! I didn't get a pic of them all, but here's Jim's, with a robot and a zombie Captain America poking out the top (of course):
And mine, with a book worm and the Anthropologie knitting girl, see you can see her knitting basket in the bottom:
And my mom's, with her scarfy bird. So cute!

And lastly, before I dash away, here's Leroy, old fourteen-year-old doggy, looking supremely happy that he gets to go with us in the car, early Christmas morning. Sweet boy!


Claudia said...

Happy New Year!!! Love those paintings! You both continue to amaze me with your creativity...I look forward to another year of it.

Anonymous said...

Love all the handmade goodies - especially cupcakes for breakfast - and cuddly looking Leroy!
Glad your Christmas was stuffed full of so much goodness - wishing you a happy New Year stuffed full of everything good!

Anonymous said...

Those scarves, stockings and gifts are all brilliant. I especially love the blue scarf with the flowers, and the Mo Willems-esque bird.

BTW, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, Betsy Bird is still singing your praises in her blog on a regular basis. Well done! And I don't know what your editor is up to (holidays? having a life?), but I would be all over Silksinger like a Dementor victim on a pound of chocolate. Yum.

Erin said...

Happy 2008, Laini!!!

Your creativity is amazing.

Alex S said...

You are a wonderball of creativity Fatty! I miss my cupcake painting and scarf! I should have brought them home in my suitcase but its great to think of them waiting for me when I get back. I LOVED the necklace Jim made too-wow!- and the other paintings and scarves too. How did you have to time to DO all that???? Happy New Year to the whole gang, FP, JB, PS, ZK, KW, and PL.

Marilyn said...

Happy New Year, Laini!! 2007 seems like it was such a great year for you...I'll bet '08 will be even more thrilling! Fabulous gifts you've featured much creativity!

Debbie Barr said...

Those gifts are really just fantastic! And Happy New Year!!!

I got Blackbringer for Christmas (finally!) and positively devoured it. Oh, it was so good! I can't wait to read it again... and Silksinger, too!

meghan said...

HI there!!

Happy New Year to you and Jim and Leroy (and to Alexandra too when you see her!!!) Your presents were inspired! You guys must have ahd a lot of fun doing them. Enjoy this year - just IMAGINE how many amazing things could happen!!!

Sustenance Scout said...

What a creative Christmas! Love the scarves! K.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Your family must have loved the gifts. Both you and Jim are so blessed to have all this talent. Here's to a wonderful 2008. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous Christmas presents! I am always amazed by your creativity (and Jim's too) do you DO that and still write such fabulous books? :)

This year WILL bring you your heart's desires. I decree it so. ;)

Amber said...

How cute is that doggy face!? he looks SO happy! Aww, to be so easily satisfied.

How did you ever find a Captian America Zombie?? LOL!

And the paintings are just great. So cool, you guys!

Happy New Year!


Katie said...

I soo wish I was related to y'all! those gifts were just the most beautiful and thoughtful I have ever seen! You have also inspired my future stocking stuffings :-)

Happy new Year!~


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Lucky recipients! I think homemade gifts are the best and when they're made by two very talented people, what more could anyone ask for?

Glad you had such a Merry Christmas. ;-)

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

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