Monday, September 18, 2006

Wonderful blog gals

So, we blogging gals who have met such amazing women here tend to gush about it a bit, and this is going to be one of those posts. After months of blogging, I'm still dazzled by it -- by the possibility of meeting kindred spirits all around the world, and forming the kinds of real friendships that I wouldn't have thought could happen this way. I mean, I used to think blogging was all like MySpace, and having 973 "friends" or something. But this is so far beyond that! Two things over the past week:

Look at the beautiful flowers that came all the way from England (I know the flowers didn't come all that way, but the thoughtfulness did!) as a congratulations for wrapping up my copyedit. Wow! I was so astonished to receive them -- I had NO IDEA who might be sending me flowers. It wasn't Jim; he was as surprised as me. So who could it be? It was sweet Meg, my first blogging friend and my wonderful Sunday Scribblings co-conspirator. Thank you, Meg! As I already told her in an email, it came in the midst of a not-so-great day full of plumbing difficulties and dog incontinence. In fact, when the flower delivery guy came to the door, we were waiting for the plumber, and it was a funny moment because the small neat Asian man pulling up in a Subaru really did NOT look like a plumber at all! Anyway, that all turned out fine, and Jim ended up installing a new sink and toilet, which he is very proud of since we are not, as a rule, all that handy. He could be if he wanted, but like me, he'd rather be painting or writing than plumbing. And as for the dog incontinence, Shiloh was on a big dose of prednazone to help her breathing, and it really really did, in a kind of miraculous way, but it also made her apparently lose all bladder control. Weird. So the vet scaled back the dose. As for her diagnosis, we are seeing a specialist tomorrow, but I don't think we can find out for certain if she has a nasal tumor without doing really expensive diagnostics like an MRI. I have always thought that, no matter how much I love my dogs, I wouldn't consider spending thousands of dollars on cancer treatments. It's a harder decision when you have to listen to your dog struggling for breath. But. . . we'll see.

In much happier news, I also had the pleasure of meeting some blog gals in person last week! Deirdre and her partner Richard had planned a quick trip to Portland, so those of us living nearby (and not so nearby, Jennifer!), got together for sushi and gelato on NE 23rd St, which is a cute little shopping district at the base of the West Hills.

It was a wonderful evening, and I really, really wish we could ALL get together on a regular basis, those of us who made it last week: Alexandra, Liz, Kim, Jennifer, and Deirdre, and all the other gals whose blogs I love and who live all over the place like fistfuls of flung wildflower seeds.


beansprout said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet doggie's health. It is so hard to know what to do when they get old. I lost my senior girlie, Alex, a standard schnauzer a little over a year ago. She was 16 and diagnosed with lung cancer. Sometimes the diagnostics are as hard on them as any possible treatments. You'll know what to do...she will tell you. My girl came and put her face in my chest and I knew she was saying she was ready to go. It didn't make it any easier but I knew I didn't want her to suffer. Best of luck at the specialists. My thoughts are with you.

paris parfait said...

Lovely to receive surprise flowers - certainly your book is worthy of much celebration! And what fun to get together with all those amazing ladies! I hear Paris is next on your world tour - yes, please! So sorry about your dog's health. Hope it turns out to be something treatable and not too serious.

Anonymous said...

So so jealous! And I am thrilled about your book!

But sorry about your dog, dearest...hope everything works out for you all.

megg said...

Hey - I'm happy you liked the flowers and i am SO jealous of your meeting!!

I'll keep your sweet girl in my thoughts. I know how traumatic pets illnesses can be. They are so much a part of you. i hope she'll be okay!!

xoxoxo to all of you!

tinker said...

Oh, Laini! I know just how you're feeling - I've been through a similar situation so very recently. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers and wishes and hopes to Shiloh and her humans.

I'm glad you're having some happier times with friends to balance your days and help see you through this tough time.
((Hugs across the Internet))
p.s. I found your Ladies in a local store yesterday, and brought one home to live in my window - she has a bluebird and butterflies & she's beautiful!
I think the clerks thought I was a bit batty - I was squealing "Laini's Ladies!!! That's my friend, Laini!" After that, I tried to check out, with as much decorum as I could muster - they were still eyeing me suspiciously as I left though...

deirdre said...

I'm so sorry to hear your doggie is sick. I feel like a veteran of the sick pet wars and fully empathize with what you're going through. If only they weren't so easy to love.

I'm so glad Richard had the wonderful idea that we should see Portland. I'm astounded beyond words at the gifts blogging has brought to my life. I just wish you all weren't so far away.

Holly Stinnett said...

Laini, the flowers are lovely. What a wonderful treat! And so sorry to hear about your doggie. My 13-year-old little guy was just diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. Almost immediately, the incontinence began. Doc gave him a little shot to tighten up his sphincter, which has helped a lot. He's my little rescue guy and I love him to bits, but he only came to us when he was an adult at age 11. I always said it's the quality and the quantity of time we have together. I think I'm just being brave sometimes. I want the quantity too! Luckily, Bichons can live to be 18, 19 years old. Best of luck with your little sweetie.

Oh... and I completely agree about the blogging thing. I love it and am thrilled with the connections I have made around the globe. Just fantastic!

I hope we'll get to meet at Artfest next year!

sophie said...

I love the people i am
discovering through blogging-

i am "enchanted"


and i adore your beautiful
pictures of COLOR!!!!!!!!!!

Love those gerbers:)

Alexandra S said...

It was so wonderful meeting everyone. Its such a different experience when you already "know" them in man ways through their writing.
And I'm sending love thoughts to sweet little Shiloh. Definitely this is the time to be showering him with his beloved cookies! I may have to get him a box myself!~

Deb R said...

Those flowers are so pretty and they look great on your mosaic!

I'll be sending lots of feel-better thoughts Shiloh's way.

kelly rae said...

i'm worried about shiloh. sending good dog luck your way.

and yes, i'm thankful for meeting fellow blog friends so that they become real life friends, like you and jim!

chest of drawers said...

I want to come and eat sushi and gelato and touch that mosaic table and pat your dog and hug Alexandra.....the list goes on!

b/sistersshoes said...

I too, share your awe of this medium. Having friends, good friends, in other countries is a trip, and I love all of you gals!

xxx Darlene

Kim G. said...

So sorry to hear that Shiloh is still under the weather. Poor doggie! They can surprise us these little creatures, how they creep into our hearts.

Yay for Meg and the wonder flowers! Nothing like a boquet of love to cheer a person up - especially duing plumbing and puppy piddle problems!

And meeting you all - well, that was the highlight for me recently as well! Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Good luck to Shiloh...and as for "like fistfuls of flung wildflower seeds", yes...yes...yes...perfect similie for these growing connections and brilliant flowerings.

Amber said...

What a sweet thought! Nice job, Meg.

I sure hope your dog will be okay. I know how hard that is. I still miss our dog so much!! But it got to the point that we just couldn't do it anymore... had to let go. :(
My prayers for Shiloh.


Susannah said...

oh poor Shiloh, i hope she'll be okay, and have no doubt you're looking after her... poor little bunny

and flowers from Meg - she's such a cutie isn't she... i love the friends i've found through blogging, it's such a gift. looks like you ladies had a fab night! xx

la vie en rose said...

...that meg...she's such a sweetie...

Shesawriter said...

The blogging community is great. Lot's of likeminded intelligent people. :-)

HoBess said...

What a beautiful happy group! Sounds like a blast. I'm sorry Shilo's medicine is causing side effects. As someone who has spent thousands on pets (surgeries/medications/special food/aaack)I know exactly how torn you are feeling inside right now. Hugs to you and Jim ...

sophie said...

If I may ask - what color is
that on your wall behind the
It's seems so inspiring for my

Colorsonmymind said...

How beautiful those flowers are.

I love the pic of you girls. It looks like such a fun get together.

Glad your plumbing problem is solved and hope your dog is better.