Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lips Touch alternate cover up for auction

Hey guys, have you ever seen this painting? It's by Jim, and it is an alternate Lips Touch cover he did during the whole cover conception process. I love it. It is actually hanging in my writing room! It is also now up for auction -- as a 13x20 print on canvas (mounted on stretcher bars; it looks like an original painting on canvas; FYI there *is* no "original" of this because it was finished digitally, so it exists in its purest form in the ether.) -- to benefit Bridget Zinn, our lovely Portland writing friend who has been valiantly battling stage IV colon cancer for nearly two years -- that's nearly two years of constant chemo, and now a new treatment for which she is traveling to Arizona a week of every month. There are a lot of totally awesome items up for auction, including this painting, which includes a signed copy of Lips Touch.

Browse, bid, and help Bridget and Barrett out with their medical costs.

Thank you! And really, this Thanksgiving, give deepest and most heartfelt thanks for your health. Because, boy o boy. Not everyone is so lucky.

Direct link to the painting HERE.


Evie said...

Got my bid on! WOOHOO! I'm feeling like one lucky punk!

Cailin said...

Thanks for donating and for promoting the auction, Laini!

For readers who are interested in placing bids - you may need the following information:
Auction ID: bridgetkicks
Password: cancer
Or, use this link: http://bit.ly/bridgetauction, and bypass all that silliness.

Team Bridget - Midwest Chapter :)

Alethea said...

ker-WOW. That's a gorgeous painting. I wish I had some cash! I will spread the word though.

tone almhjell said...

I miss you! Come back to the non-real world...

helen said...

Hello, I hope all's well in Laini World, I miss your posts too!

Hope the auction raised lots of money.


Amber Lough said...

We all miss your posts, Laini. I hope all is ok.

Angelique said...

Hello, anyone home? I come bearing gifts (chocolate ones) (well, not really). Hoping you'll be back soon, it's cold out here.

Andrea Eames said...

In case you don't appear before the holidays - merry Christmas, Laini! Thanks for another year of inspiration and cute photos of Clementine. xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, we miss your posts! Please come back to us, Laini! (Sniff) Just give us a wee one . . .

We know you're busy, but we're dying for you over here! Er, no pressure or anything.

Hope to see you "anon."

Tinker said...

Love Jim's alternate cover art. Really wonderful colors.
And I hope you've been away from the blogosphere for wonderful, adventurous reasons.
Wishing you and Jim and Clementine, very happy holidays. Merry Christmas, Laini!
p.s. Please tell Alexandra happy holidays for me too :)

Poppy said...

OMG THAT COVER IS SOOOO AWESOME! I like it just as well as the cover for Lips Touch Three Times

Kayla said...

absolutely beautiful alternate cover. and a very sweet thing you two are doing to help your friend!

Peals of Laughter said...

Dear Laini,
Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. May 2011 bring health, peace and happiness to all of us.

I really hope you are all ok and having great time in Morocco. Please come back, we miss you and your posts. At least let's know that you are ok :(, we your devoted followers, hehe


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