Friday, April 09, 2010

See you next week!

Off to Seattle tomorrow for SCBWI, yay! I do so love an SCBWI weekend. As always, the night before going somewhere, here I am at 1 am trying to get organized: printing out my speech, wondering what to wear while giving that speech (I'm thinking polka dots), etc. Getting sleepy, though.

Have a wonderful weekend. Maybe I'll see you in Seattle?

(P.S. Check out this cool post on p.o.v. in Blackbringer. Thank you, Allyson. Awesome blog!)


Unknown said...

wow. What an analysis! I KNEW I loved your books for a good reason. I didn't stop to question anything about it. I just couldn't stop reading!

Have a great weekend--good luck on your speach:) Polka dots sound perfect.

Molly Hall said...

See you at the conference! I just painted my toenails shimmery purple, I'm so excited! : )

Amber said...

Good luck!! Wish I could be there!


Americanising Desi said...

awesome analysis :)

p.s. no sundayscribbling?

Coney Island Painters said...

Very creeative post