Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

What a nice New Year treat -- the CYBILS short lists!!! (Children's & Young Adult Blogger Literary Awards) Both Silksinger and Lips Touch have been shortlisted in their respective categories: Middle Grade Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Young Adult Science Fiction & Fantasy. Thank you so much, panelists!! I'm thrilled!!!

As always, there are really intriguing sounding books on the lists that I have never heard of -- it's very exciting. I'm making a slew of requests from the library today. If you're looking for some new things to read (for your children or yourselves), I recommend taking a peek at all the shortlists. They're put together with great care by smart, conscientious book lovers. They're HERE.

Now: fingers crossed for a win! (Or two. God, how awesome would that be?)

(Yippee, welcome, 2010!)

Speaking of the library, as I head over to the website to reserve some books, I'm proud to say our library was one of only five large library systems in the US to be awarded 5 stars by The Library Journal just recently. It totally deserves it. Multnomah County Library is entirely awesome. They have everything, and plenty of it, they do good events, and they even have a very cool program by which they send a book and library card to every baby born in the county. How completely wonderful is that? I was floored when ours came. A library card for little Clementine Pie!

Happy New Year! Hope yours is off to a great start too :-)


holly cupala said...

Happy New Year, Laini (and fam) - hope this year is even more magical than last!

Boo, we didn't get the snow, but we did head to the mountains for sledding. Whee!

tone almhjell said...

Happy new year, and congratulations again! Things are really taking off! You deserve it, dear. May you have lots of time to write in 2010 :)

Catherine Denton said...

Congratulations!! And good luck.

I was wowed that your library does that. What an incredible start for little readers!

Anonymous said...

Awsome! And good luck.

I didn't know our library did that, that is the coolest ever.

Happy New Year!


Elena said...

I hope you win Laini, you totally deserve it. That is a great program! Happy 2010.

Suzanne Young said...

Happy New Year and congrats!!!!!!

Megsie said...

Oh! Congratulations Laini! And Happy New Year!

Heather Zundel said...

So much good news! What book did Clementine get? Can we see the little elf with a picture of it sometime?

Amber Lough said...

Happy New Year and lovely news!!

This month, I'm going to finish my novel and try my hand at wet felting. I need to make some ends meet, so I'm hoping to make things good enough to try selling at craft fairs, etc. Wish me luck!

The snow here in New York is GORGEOUS and RICH.

persnickety_jen said...

Congrats on the CYBILS nominations! Talk about kicking off the new year with a bang!

I think Clementine's first act as a library card holder is to check out one of her mom's books! ;)

Olgy Gary said...

Dear Laini, I'm not at all surprised that SILKSINGER is in the CYBILS' short list! And I will not be at all surprised if it actually wins. It soooooooooo deserves to win that and many more awards!!! We here at CCF absolutely LOVED reading the review copies of both BLACKBRINGER and SILKSINGER that your editor at Putnam sent us and have now posted our review of SILKSINGER to the CCF site. Our only question now is...when will the next installment in the Faeries of Dreamdark series come out? :-)

Olgy Gary said...

P.S.: Let us know if alright for us to use your photo in the byline we posted under the review of SILKSINGER. Thanks.

Stephanie Perkins said...




Double-win, double-win!!!!!!!!!