Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rathersting Gallery

The Rathersting faerie clan are the guardians of the magical forest of Dreamdark. They live in a huge, ancient yew tree on the face of Dreamdark Crag, from where they can survey the whole vast world of the forest. Besides maintaining peace and stability, they are also responsible for gathering the sticky, clotted web from the dreaded Spiderdowns, which the healer Orchidspike needs for the job of knitting up torn faerie wings. Rathersting are rough faeries without the fine town manners of the Never Nigh folk (who are not suitably appreciative of what the warriors do for them), and they're easy to recognize, because they have tattoos on their faces.

Want to be a Rathersting? You can! (See the end of the post for how to get tattoos of your own.)



Jarrod & Stephanie


Sophie, almost 7

Sammy, 7, and Josh, 4

Indigo, 8, and Allura, 5

Camille, six

Nayna and Dojo

Nayna and Kiersten

Ben, 8

Mattie, 6

Mattie & Ben

How to get some tattoos?

There are several ways. (No matter which, make the subject header: RATHERSTING TATTOOS.)

1) Post about the Dreamdark books on your blog and email me the link, along with your mailing address.

2) Post a [positive] review of Dreamdark: Blackbringer (or, when the time comes, Silksinger) on Amazon. Email me the link and your mailing address.

3) Email me me a photo of yourself holding a Dreamdark book in your home or town or in some fun, exotic, or unusual place. A photo of you dressed as a Dreamdark character will work too! Again, include your mailing address!

4) Email me and tell me how cute you or your child will look in the tattoos. That might be enough :-)

Hope you'll join the tribe!


Commander Kip said...

Hey, awesome! There are a lot more ways to do this than I thought! I've already done one of these things without even realizing it. Coolness! (Your Rathersting are absolutely beautiful, by the way!)

Michele Thornton said...

LOVE the Ratherstings...and your Here There be Warriors logo? Perfecto. In my unbiased opinion. heh.

Laini Taylor said...

Hee hee, Michele, yes, Sophie is perfect :-) Glad you like!

Kiersten White said...

Dojo can be the grumpy warrior ; )

Anonymous said...

I love your Faeries of Dreamdark books!!!!
They are very cool. And you really inspire me!
By the way, my little 2 year old brother uses Gdiapers, what I like is they are better for the envirment, and they at easy.

See you at Powels at the 7:00 book signing!
A Rathersting warrior

P.S. I like your hair!