Friday, March 13, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd try to make you guess, but so far everyone -- everyone -- even people I have never met in person, have guessed girl, and apparently they were right! Question: if I had blue hair, would you have guessed boy?

So it's a girl!!! As I said before, we had no preference at all. Just, you know, healthy and awesome, with a combination of musical genius and ninja skills. That's all we care about. So it's going to be a musical ninja girl and we're thrilled, and would have been equally thrilled if it were a boy.

I can start saying "she" now!!

The ultrasound tech called the gender within literally 5 seconds of putting the wand to my belly, and without any ceremony, just: "Girl." Of course, the gender is not the important part of the 20-week ultrasound. This was the visit where they look at every single organ and measure all the bones and the head and all that, and everything looks good! Apparently my placenta wraps around my right side, which is sort of interesting . . . to me . . . and surely not at all interesting to anybody else. The baby would NOT turn over though, so the tech couldn't get as good a look at the chambers of the heart as she needs, so we get to have another ultrasound at our next appointment; we'll try for the classic "profile shot" then too -- all our pics today look like moon geography or weather patterns.

Here I am, looking pregnant at last!
Being as how my belly has finally emerged, it was time for the first ever maternity clothes shopping trip! Jim and I stopped at the mall on our way back from the doc and I got a couple of pairs of pants. The weird elastic waist! And what a strange experience it was trying on a bunch of pairs of jeans that all fit. I recommend maternity pants for everyone!!! There are no buttons or zippers, people. Just a big elastic band. Woo hoo!

I also got a couple of pairs of shoes, being as how I'm not exactly known for my sensible footwear. Snort! Got some really cute Danskos that make me feel SHORT and some Sketchers that have a little wedge heel.

Oh, and this was kind of random -- unrelated -- today, and funny: Jim and I had lunch with the talented Johanna Wright (whose first picture book is coming out really soon!) and I got a pistachio macaroon, you know, the pretty French kind? We all three split it, and it kind of tasted like breakfast cereal, but because it was so pretty I was going to buy another one on the way out . . . but they were gone. I asked if they'd sold out already and the girl behind the counter got a weird and sheepish look on her face and -- not realizing we'd already eaten one -- said, "Oh. No. Something was, uh, up with those. We'll have more tomorrow."

"Um. What? What do you mean 'something was up?' What kind of something?"

"Oh . . . [hem haw etc] the baker just didn't [hem haw] . . . [mysterious weirdness, etc.]"

"But, they're not, uh, poisonous or anything? We're not all going to die soon?"

"Oh . . . no. I don't think so."

Okay, she didn't really say that last bit. I made that up. But I'm still wondering: what was "up" with the macaroons??? They tasted fine. If Johanna and Jim and I all turn green, or begin to experience strange psychic phenomena or speak only in rhyme: blame the macaroons.

Cheers, all!


Kiersten White said...

Oh, you look adorable ; ) And maternity pants are the BEST.

Also, little girls are so, so much fun. I'm a big fan of starting out with a girl. Congrats!

Sara Easterly said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you guys! Girls are such fun - can't wait to get our babes together! You look radiant!

holly cupala said...

You are so absolutely stunning! Of course you are! I'm really beside myself for you three. It's wonderful. Love and hugs to all of you.

Suzanne Young said...

You. Look. Beautiful!

Congratulations on your little girl!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My first baby was a girl, and I didn't realize how much easier girl babies were than boys until my second baby tried to pee on the ceiling every time I changed his diaper. Oh. My.

Seriously, congratulations! And you look like you're doing the "Glowing" thing.

Maybe they forgot to put sugar in the macaroons. How embarrassing.

Cuppa Jolie said...

I know everyone is saying this...but it's so true. You are glowing and beautiful and magnificent and growing a girl! You know I'm partial to them and she's a lucky one.

Q said...

Whoo hoo! Have any names yet, or are you going to wait until she's born?

johanna said...

Yahoooooo!!! I'm so thrilled for you guys! I'm so glad that the little one is healthy and growing and doing so fantastico, and that she, is a she! Oh what a ninja musician she will be.

So far so good..from the mysterious macaroon. I'll let you know if I have any green spots in the morning...

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Girls are fantastic.

lizardek said...

I ALWAYS blame the macaroons. Even if I haven't eaten any lately.

And you look absolutely adorable :)

tanita✿davis said...

I love that your hair is still pink. That just makes it all *even better*. Many congratulations.

Unknown said...

yay! congratulations on knowing the sex of your little lass. You're looking great!


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I'm literally screaming as I type this! Now, please, you must post what names you and Jim are considering...then again, in my professor's opinion (who just had his boy Henry), the name comes when you looka t the child for the first time. I sincerely hopw a really awesome name slips into your head when you see your daughter's beautiful face.

Katie Anderson said...

Well you DO look positively beautiful! Which doesn't surprise me not only cuz you're a cutie, but because one time when I was preggers with my own little girl I met a dermatologist.

He told me that the majority of women who see him while preg are having boys.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well I can't be sure, but I think that women who are carrying boys have testosterone in their systems for the first time. And I think it might be what causes acne and that general icky look. BUT the GLOWING ladies," he said, "are all having girls. Because they are simply nursing a double dose of estrogen and girliness."

It might be total bunk, (probably is) but I liked that idea. (especially since I had two girls :-)

YAY for girlies!!!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

I told yah! Yippee! a little laini - we can all use another one of you in this world :) Congrads! you look fab!

Lisa Schroeder said...

So she's a little stubborn, that one, not turning over so you could see her little sweet heart. :)

If you start speaking in rhyme, please let me know so I can go get one of those macaroons right away. I've always thought it would be so fun to speak entirely in rhyme!

Patry Francis said...

Now you can also start using the words "my daughter,"When mine was first born, I just wanted to say them over and over.

Everyone is right. You are one gorgeous pregnant momma.

Stephanie Perkins said...

You look BEAUTIFUL :)

Congratulations again (and again and again and again).

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

This is wonderful. I too thought you were having a girl, and I'm never right about these things!

When I first got the elastic waist pants I also thought that non-pregnant people should have their own version of jeans with stretchy easy! But wait until you're 8 mos pregnant and they ride tight just below your belly and sweat and nothing fits right--you'll wish there was a kind of pants that just *floated* around your body without putting any pressure whatsoever :)

liz elayne lamoreux said...

you do indeed look radiant in this photo laini! love patry's comment about being able to say "my daughter." beautiful...

so excited for you and jim!

Charlotte said...

I'm glad for you! You will have someone to play paper dolls boys are wonderful, but I would have liked to make paper dolls again. And have a doll house and make pretty dresses for the dolls again.

Laini Taylor said...

Ooh, Charlotte! I hadn't even thought about the dollhouse yet. I have a fabulous Victorian in the garage that my dad made me when I was 10. It needs some love and care, and I've always hoped I'd have a good excuse to do it :-)

Thanks everyone, for the kind words! Patry, yes, what wonderful words!

Deirdre said...

Oh, look at you - all cute and pink-haired and pregnant!

I can never actually see a baby in the ultrasound pictures, but they're amazing nonetheless. Congratulations on seeing a healthy baby.

Granny Smith said...

Wow! Girls are the greatest! Maybe she will want pink hair when she sees what a stunningly beautiful mother she has. And you may find yourself knitting little doll sweaters with embroidery thread and toothpicks for needles, especially if you get that dollhouse refurbished, and have a doll family to scale.

Shari Sherman said...

You look so cute with your belly! There is also something called a waist band expander that let's you wear your regular clothes a little longer. You are going to be a wonderful mother for a GIRL!

Amber Lough said...

You are the most beautiful pregnant woman ever! You and Jim are going to have the most adorable, smart, ninja-ish girl around, you know. :-)

Get yourselves prepared for a little human that wants every bit of your attention. At least with our two kids, and some of my friends...the girls were the ones who wanted real people giving them constant attention and the boys were fairly happy with just something to chew on.

Or that could be the first-second child syndrome. I don't know.

At any rate, CONGRATS!!!

lkmadigan said...

Laini, you're looking especially lovely.

I can't wait to meet the little sweetheart.


Lexi said...

Aww! sosoosososo exciting!
I wonder if she'll have pink hair?

tone almhjell said...

Yay for the girl!'s a wonderful word, I think. Oh, you look great! Sooo pretty. I'm a total mess in comparison. I want to glow, too, but instead I look like an adolescent Santa Claus!

Maybe that means boy. Hm. Or maybe...

My belly was like that at 14 weeks. At 18 weeks, it rounds the corner way ahead of me. Which freaks me out (see mail and blog).

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Mo-om, Leia took my lightsaber!

Diandra Mae said...

You look very lovely! I think the pink hair just heightens your glow. :) (Maybe she'll be a strawberry blond?)

I loved my maternity jeans! They were so comfy, and I was sad to not be able to wear them. You don't realize how much of a pain zippers and buttons are until you're in the bathroom 50 times a day. :)

Senfaye said...

Awwww!What are you thinking of naming her? You look so beautiful Laini!

-Senfaye :)

Em said...

Ohh, so exciting, a little girl. Now you can buy all sorts of cute clothes. I mean, little boy clothes are cute, but little girl clothes are beyond cute. :)

Charlotte said...

Nice parents, to keep your dollhouse until it was needed again! My own parents are begining to think it's time to dispose of mine...

Maybe I can come play with yours?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your daughter! YAAAAAAAYYYYY! I have one, and she's fab!

Life is Good(ell) said...

Congratulations! I have been lurking on your blog since "friending" you on YA for Obama (I'm a YA librarian), and this is my first time posting. I am also pregnant with my first, also a daughter, after a miscarriage so I understand how thrilling and reassuring it is to see your healthy baby on that ultrasound.

Christine Fletcher said...

Congratulations--a GIRL! And you make pregnancy look marvelous.

Congrats also on the Oklahoma state reading list--that's fabulous! Very well-deserved.

persnickety_jen said...

Congrats, Laini!!! Have you and Husband started picking names yet?

It seems everyone is having a girl this spring... this makes 4 people I know of who are having girls. Which is a stark contrast to last fall/winter, when boys were the definite majority. (Wonder if it's a seasonal thing? lol)

tone almhjell said...

But it turns out that I'm in the boy corner, and he's alone in there (phew). So maybe we're getting them this side of the Atlantic this year?

Little Willow said...

Congratulations! Best wishes to your family. :)

Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

Congratulations Laini, Jim and new little girl!! You look awesome, Laini! Your little girl is very lucky to have such fabulous parents!


Anonymous said...

I *knew* I needed to come here today. LAINI!! I am SOOO thrilled for you! EEEEEE! and SQUEEEEE!

Wow...just thrilled to the bottom of my soul. Congratulations to you and Jim and this little girl is the luckiest sprite that ever leapt into her mommy's womb. *sniff*

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

Is it possible for a pink haired girl to look absolutely FREAKING adorable with a baby bump? YES! YES IT IS.

Sorry, I'm so late, we just got back from holla-days.

Congrats on the little pink bun in the oven (starts envisioning all kids of sewing and knitting things...)

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