Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bold new marketing idea

In the midst of a dream the other night, my dream-self said something very, very clever. Don't ask me what it was, because I don't remember. For a moment, my conscious mind roused itself to say, "That's very, very clever. I shall remember that when I wake."

Dream-self knew better. "No you won't. You'll forget."

Conscious mind acknowledged the truth of this. "Yes, you're probably right. But no matter. I'm sure it isn't clever at all, but is just more dream nonsense."

Which I'm sure is true. But I still wish I had bothered to write it down so I could see what manner of nonsense had seemed so very, very clever that it got my conscious mind involved. Oh well. I don't remember dreams very often, but last night, strangely enough, Angelina Jolie made an appearance. We had a drink together and she was wearing those emeralds from the Oscars that are as big as fists. I played it cool, but of course seized the opportunity to give her my books. Wouldn't it be really strange, if wherever in the world she is, she woke up with my books stacked on her nightstand?

Hey! There's my new marketing ploy: I am going to distribute dream copies of my books to celebrities! All I need to do is learn a little basic astral projection.

smirk smirk -- Imagine that in a publisher's marketing plan! Targeted astral ARC deliveries to Oprah, Stephen King, Angelina Jolie, Peter Jackson, and a long list of other celebrities. tee hee.

Marketing. Sigh.

Any qualified astral travelers out there?


Amber said...

Just send them REAL copies.
Oprah loves books, right? Isn't it that easy?? LOL!


Emily J. Griffin said...

NO, but that's what I've been writing about for weeks now. My secret WIP. Gasp!

But ssshhh, it's still early!

Saga of Writing said...

Giggle. That would be awesome! BTW, there is this story about Billy Wilder (I think). All the time it was said "boy meets girl" is the basic of each movie ... one night he was dreaming something very interesting, a completely new idea about a story for a film. He was excited and took a note about it. The next morning he had (of course) forgotten about the dream and only found the note: "Boy meets girl."


tone almhjell said...

No astral travelling, though I'm hoping to take up teleportation in the future. You'd think they'd get it right soon!

I do dream a lot, though, often complete, rounded stories (my inner editor unable to let go even there), so maybe we can hang out in the dreamworld some time. Have to warn you, though, things could quickly escalate into frantic action. And I don't even like action sequences that much, I only watch them with interest when they are spectacular.

Cool thing, though, I wouldn't lose sight of you in the chaos, you're my only (and quite the best) pink haired friend.

Stephanie Perkins said...

Well, I can certainly hook you up with Wee James. According to several trivia sites, he's a fantasy fan!

(Um, no, I don't spend my spare time Googling "James McAvoy trivia." Are you crazy? I ran across that information BY ACCIDENT.)

Elise Murphy said...

Love the plan! Any plan made out of magic makes me smile.

The covers look so so lovely up there.

Unknown said...

The World/Inferno Friendship society has some songs about Astral Projection on their album, The True Stories of the Bridgewater Astral League.

Amber Lough said...

Since Elise mentioned the covers...I must admit I keep checking back here a few times a day to see if the middle slot has been filled. I'm DYING to see what it's going to look like!!!

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Amber! I know -- I'm dying to put it up. I have the new banner all ready, and I have the ARC sitting on my desk!!!! But I'm not supposed to show it yet until it is officially launched. Soon, I hope! :-)

Linda said...

oooh, that totally brings back Lois Duncan memories and reading Stranger with my Face and Summer of Fear in junior high many years ago...soooooo cool and creepy. I think that's when I officially fell in love with YA fantasy. *happy sigh*

Heather said...

Laini, some of the best dreams are pregnant dreams! You must record them as they may become future stories! When I was pregnant with my son, I had a lot of rage (must have been the testosterone!) and I had many dreams about beating people up!