Wednesday, January 28, 2009

assorted newsiness (and cuteness)

So, the news is that The Graveyard Book is going to be a live-action movie, not a stop-motion, to be directed by Neil Jordan. Cool! Which leads me to idea #2 for Laika's next feature-length film: Dreamdark: Blackbringer!!! (Can't blame me for trying!)

Anyway, moving on. More good news on the book awards front: Ten Cents a Dance, which I recently raved about, has been selected as a YALSA Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults! Yippeeee! Yay for Christine Fletcher!!!! Also, Nation and The Hunger Games were selected, both books I loved this year.

Again, moving on, to un-book-related news. Have you heard the very exciting news that Idris Elba, aka Stringer Bell, aka one of the sexiest men on television (and movies) is going to be joining The Office for six episodes??? He'll be playing a rival to Michael Scott, and all I can say is. . . I pity Michael Scott, going up against Stringer Bell Idris Elba. (If you haven't seen The Wire, aka The Best Show Ever Made Ever Ever, Stringer Bell is. . . well, he's a great character that you don't mind looking at, even if he is a drug dealer :-)

Last, neither of these constitute news, just cuteness (of the animal -- not actor -- variety):
Just randomly came across this story of a rescued abused greyhound named Jasmine, who was nursed back to health at a wildlife sanctuary in England, and is now the unofficial surrogate mother to all species of orphaned baby animals who are brought in. To date: five fox cubs, four badger cubs, 15 chicks, 8 guinea pigs, two puppies, 15 rabbits, and one fawn. Awww. Apparently, as soon as they are brought to her she commences cuddling and licking and snuggling them. Can you believe? Full story HERE.

This one's a CBS story about an unusual animal friendship. Oh so sweet.
Aren't dogs the best?


Anonymous said...

No, dogs most certainly are not the best. Cupcakes are the best and WBone is also very, very, very GOOD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love The Office! Unfortunately, I'm trying to cut down on television. Granted, I don't watch much anyway, but the less TV the better I suppose.
Except for American Idol...can't do without that!
By the way, shame on you for getting me all excited thinking Blackbringer was accepted to be made into a movie! I was all, "Oh my gosh! I can't wait to watch it!" until I read the paragraph over.
Tsk tsk....

Katie Anderson said...

Oh my gosh that dog video is the cutest! I was nervous the elephant was going to accidently step on Bella! But then it showed the dog cutely reaching out for Elly's foot. Aaawwww

And I can't WAIT for The Office now! A rival for Michael? Genius!

lkmadigan said...

Oh, yes. There he is. Hi, you bad boy, Stringer. I mean, Idris.

Must add Season Two of The Wire to my Netflix queue.

And I've already cried over and forwarded that dog-n-elephant story to several people. Aww, that huge foot trying to pet the dog tummy ...!

Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Laini! (And the, that was gooood...)

I can sit dry-eyed through the sappiest movie, but animal stuff like this brings on the tears! It's wonderful.

Amber said...

We have never watched The Wire. But it is one of the "to rent on netflix someday" shows on our list.

I love that greyhound story. Funny, I always thought greyhounds looked liked deer. So frail and graceful. That fawn looks like it could be her baby.


Lexi said...

It makes my heart hurt with longing to think of those wonderful dogs.

Mine is such a little monster. She is very, very cute and possesses a demonic nature. Sometimes I am afraid to go near her for fear of losing my face to her snapping jaws.

Ronald L. Smith said...

Laini, as if I didn't already think you were cool enough, now I see you are a fan of the Best Show Ever...The Wire.


By the way, I met your editor in NY at SCBWI Winter Con. He is one cool guy. We talked about BLACKBRINGER which I am reading now and I love it!