Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today's the day


For inspiration, see the wonderful array of voting-related posts linked HERE.


Anonymous said...

Everyone shall vote for Obama...or PERISH.
Well, everyone knows without a doubt that Barak will win because (a) his name is cooler and (b)he danced with Ellen Degenerous. And I can totally base my vote on thse two insignificant facts as a Canadian teenager who has no imput in the American election. Yay, Obama!

Laini Taylor said...

(Everyone listen to the Canadian teenager on this one, 'kay?)


tone almhjell said...

Please! C'mon guys, make us proud, make us belive in you again!

Anonymous said...

I voted first thing this morning. Seattle is expecting an 85% turnout. Woohoo! I let my sweet, frustrated, non-citizen husband fill in the best bubble.

Now, we wait. There is champagne chilling in the fridge because I am feeling optimistic. Happy distractions until the polls start closing!

Anonymous said...

After I voted this morning, I was reading a magazine and found a fun quote by James Barrie. "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

I know you already have a "Jump at the Sun" Lady, but I'm sharing anyway.

Random question: do you like pomegranates?

Amber said...

I took both my kids with me today, before school! I told Wyatt about how important it was, and how women couldn't even vote very long ago...he said that was "all wack!" LOL!

And guess what else?
I worked out a barter with Kory to, ah... manipulate his vote. *Ahem*


Anonymous said...

Obama. Has. Won.

Anonymous said...

Edit from above: Sorry for the short post, I wanted people to start jumping for joy, eh?

He totally dominated the Western side and won with 284 votes, McCain otherwise having 142.

Anonymous said...

I spent the evening in a bar with about 200 Obama volunteers and supporters in as rowdy and as wonderful a setting as you could hope for. What a glorious night to be an American.

Catalina said...








Congratulations to the world

kendalee said...

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sorry to raise my voice but I'm SO thrilled and delighted. I have an inkling of what this means to you and what it can feel like - as a South African who participated in the change there - to overcome against the odds. It's an amazing thing and lifts us all on wings of hope! :D Enjoy!

Li:ne said...

I love you!

Charlotte said...

I am so proud of my home state, Virginia...

tone almhjell said...

Oregon, 7, it said, and I know that somewhere behind that number, there's you, Laini! There's all your hard work, and patient commenting on this blog, and your vote, wonderful and precious (if not of the swing kind).

I just have to say, from the bottom of my heart: thank you.

Thank you, Laini, and Jim, and all your warm and smart readers, and all the millions of Americans who brought this about. Today, I feel like I know and understand America, for the first time in many years.

(And today, I have to close my eyes to the results on prop 8, though I'm still hoping for a last minute change. It can be fixed. You guys have it in you. You proved it last night).

When I think about the historical lines leading up to this moment, and the ramifications it will have, my breath catches. You really did it.

You can be so proud of yourselves and of your country today.


~Molly~ said...

Yeah Laini!!! The good guy won!!! I'm so thrilled and proud and full of renewed patriotism!!

Gonna be an interesting day at my local homeschool park day tomorrow, I am pretty sure I'm the only one who didn't vote for McPalin.


Wyman Stewart said...

Congratulations to the Obama-ites. Now, come January 20, 2009 the hard part begins. There are no easy solutions out there to many of the problems facing this nation. Along with prayers, I can only wish President-elect Barack Obama lots of luck. He will need it. To me, he is so new to the level he has risen to, the first year, he should be given the benefit of the doubt on his proposals, although they should be thoroughly vetted by the House and Senate. I plan to give him that one year grace period whether Republicans and the Media do or not. As I said, congratulations. Enjoy the euphoria for now. Reality will set in too soon again. History has certainly been made. Only in America!!!