Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Adelphophagy" -- creepy new word of the day

Did you know that mako shark fetuses cannibalize their sibling embryos in the womb? Cool!!! Er, I mean, ICK! Only the strongest one or two will survive, fattened on the flesh of their sibs. Fire salamanders do it too. Isn't that crazy? Where do I come up with this stuff? I don't know -- oh yeah, I was thinking up devil species for Dreamdark, and I was toying with "mako devil" for a sharklike one. Think I'll go with it. I'm quite certain that devil fetuses practice "adelphophagy," which is this specific type of "intrauterine cannibalism," though it is unlikely to come up in the books. Ha!

I'm trying out a new schedule in an effort to get myself to the gym ever, and it's this: nighttime gym. The last couple of nights we've gone at about 9:30, stayed to 10:30, and I think I like it. The things is that going during the day is way too massive a disruption to my writing schedule, and I really need to be a revising maniac right now. (I love the word "maniac" by the way. It's funny, last Thanksgiving my brother commented on it, being told as a kid that there are "maniacs" in the world and how mysterious it seemed; then in the book Atonement the word "maniac" makes an extremely strong impression on Briony, and is surely partly responsible for the terrible thing that she does.) Anyway, I think I like this new schedule. For one, the gym is practically empty then, and there's more chance of there being something interesting on the many TVs in the cardio area.

Might I ask though, what is up with Food Network always being on those TVs? I mean, really. Like I want to watch someone braise meat or build a wedding cake while I'm on the treadmill! Oh, and you know what was on recently? Painting with Bob Ross! How funny is that, for treadmill viewing?

And then the best part about working out late is that you know you don't have to do anything after you get home. Just take a shower and get in bed with your book. It's nice. It's advisable to eat a light, early dinner though.

I think this just might work out.


Jim Di Bartolo said...

HA! Just might 'work out' -- HA! Good one Sweetie! ;)

Just kidding...

And yeah, the cardio TVs should have a steady stream of dance-y music videos, action movies, and...hmmm... kickboxing! Yeah!


Kirsten Carlson said...

oh please oh please can I convince you to utilize something other than the too often demonized shark for devil inspiration? Believe it or not Sea Otters are quite evil (they just LOOK cute and cuddly)... they don't practice fetus cannibalization but they are voracious eaters and females often have extreme scarring on their noses due to male affections.

Also, I wanted to tell you there is a Laini's Ladies sighting in the little town of Purdy at a drugstore that carries really cool stuff... i am now the proud owner of the mermaid ;) impossible has been removed from my vocabulary.

Laini Taylor said...

Hahaha, hi Kirsten! You sound like my sister when she sticks up for snakes. Don't worry -- the "mako" does not feature prominently as a villain; it is just one of a mob of devils of all sorts and sizes. Sea otters, though? Huh. Who knew?

Deirdre said...

During my single years I often went to the gym in the evenings and loved how quiet it was. It helped me deal with stressful days too.

I don't thinking watching the Food Network while working out would be so good for me. Too many stores still open that late, tempting me in to have a cookie.

Amber Lough said...

I had to laugh out loud about braising meat while on the treadmill.

Lately, I've been going to the classes at the gym. My pride forces me to work out harder than if I were doing it on my own. (I am way to easy on myself in the normal part of the gym.)

By the way, your process of revision is both interesting and frightening. Is it truly that hard? Or is it fun? (Both?) Let's hope I'll be there some day... :-)

Alex S said...

Whats so gross about that? There is a human tribe up in Nova Vidiga that regularly cannibalizes their own buttocks. Now that is much grosser to me !

tone almhjell said...

Alex, I read a Orson Scott Card short story where the villain harvested body parts with a laser device and fried them up. Grohoss.

Laini, I've finished Blackbringer and wrote about it on my blog. Essence: Awestruck, happy and moved.

Anonymous said...

Your schedule makes a lot more sense than mine. I exercise before working in the library every day. I shower, of course, but that doesn't keep my face from becoming a beautiful beet red better acquainted with fine tomatoes than librarianship. My boss is forever wondering if I am all right.

BabelBabe said...

I love sharks - they're just so beautiful. And that is both cool and gross : )

found you via Garish & finding your revision process fascinating (seriously).

Amber said...

I used to love to work out at night. The pool was always still and it felt so good to slide through it. Like meditation on hot summer nights.

Bob Ross! Man, I watched a lot of Bob Ross in my life. My grandma looooved him.