Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hi there! I've been an absentee blogger lately -- got *some* manuscript sent off to my editor on Monday morning and immediately went into a shopping frenzy! I love shopping in Portland. There are so many great "destination streets" -- Hawthorne, NW 23rd, Alberta, and many many more, where there are independently owned shops everywhere offering totally unique stuff. We had to go to the mall for something and I thought I might fall into a narcoleptic stupor, it was so dull. Love the funky little shops!
Jim and I bought ourselves this Christmas present at an art gallery on Alberta. Isn't she cool? Might not be your taste, but we like slightly weird and creepy things! We were at Flutter again yesterday and I wanted to buy some mismatched animal horns, but I did not.

We're about to dash over to Alexandra's for an early Christmas involving opening gifts, eating gigantic pancakes at Cameo Cafe (seriously, they're about the size of a large pizza), and then we'll take her to the airport and probably go see I Am Legend with my family, because seriously, the holidays are not complete without monster movies! It was vampires for Thanksgiving, and it'll be zombie-vampires (not really sure what they are, actually) for Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a terrific holiday!


Tinker said...

I love funky, offbeat shops, too - if it weren't for the kids - who seem to want things that can only be found there, I don't know if I would even go to the mall, especially at this time of year. Fun new piece of art you found, Keith would love that, I think, though it might scare the grandkids, lol.
Have fun with Alexandra and those giant pancakes - that sounds like a good title for a kid's book, doesn't it? ha ha

Tinker said...

Forgot to say 'have a merry Christmas!' just in case you don't pop up again, right away - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

On Hawthorne there's a store called Global Exchange where everything in the store is fair trade. Its a beautiful place full of handmade items from other cultures and places around the world. Plus, it just gives you a good feeling to know that you're not contributing to slave and sweatshop labor by shopping there, but you are helping artisans provide for their families. Check it out if you haven't already.

Happy Holidays!


~Molly~ said...

There are no funky fun shops in east Texas, sigh. I love your new "girlie", she reminds me of the doll head my brother had on one of his end tables, it had some green paint on it and looked totally weird! Alas, his new girlfriend didn't enjoy it and tossed it out.

Merry Christmas!! I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of pressies here so I can finish reading the book!LOL My daughter is currently reading Warrior Cats so I'll be able to finish Blackbringer before she's ready for it.

Ginormous pancakes sound heavenly right now. Settling for steel cut oats.


paris parfait said...

Hooray for sending off your manuscript, Laini! Well done, you! Hope you and Jim have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year. xo

liz elayne lamoreux said...

congratulations on getting your manuscript done! and it sounds like you on to some great festivities!

happy christmas to you two!!

Anonymous said...

wahhh! i wish *I* was opening prezzies, going to movies, and eating taylor COOKIES this year. *YOU* have been given a special task on christmas morning. miss and love you guys.
HAPPY LAINI-DAY a day early!
da rev

Alex S said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY FATTYFOO!!!!!!!! I'm still thinking about that blueberry pancakes! WHat about Snickers pancakes next time? My mind is very much on pancake possibilities for 2008 ever since yesterday. Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful night as you enjoy your last moments of being in your 30s.. Hard to believe you are already turning FORTY!!!!

Heather said...

How much do I love the dotty gift wrap? And the zebra girl is amaxingly cool!