Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shopping for daggers

It's happened again: the real world and the Dreamdark world have done that thing they do. . . there's probably some cool-sounding mathematical term for it, something smart-sounding like "algorithm" or "gnomon" or something -- that is, they've proven they are. . . inversely proportional in terms of interestingness. The more interesting Dreamdark, the less I have to blog about. I am off in the Himalayas, my friends, shopping for daggers in a faerie bazaar. How about you? Really, I can't think of anything to write about that isn't related to the release of Blackbringer or the writing of Silksinger. (Well, there is one thing that I'm dying to write about, but I'm not allowed to yet. whine whine) Soon.**

Oh, there is this: I'm thinking blue. Blue hair. Really. In my mind, my hair is already blue. Electric blue.

And this: I loved, I mean LOVED the first Temeraire book. The one the Borders clerk disdained as that kind of book. LOVED it. Read it in a day. And I'm so happy to know Peter Jackson is going to make the movies. I can't wait to see his vision of these dragons in full battle gear wheeling in the skies. And who, o who, will he cast as Captain Laurence? Hm. I haven't figured out a dream casting yet, but I can tell you this: I am beside myself with joy that Eric Bana and Rachel MacAdams have been cast in Time Traveler's Wife. Perfect. Come to think of it, Eric Bana would make a great Captain Laurence. . .

Obviously, I am not one of those people who object to movie versions of their favorite books. I love seeing them brought to life by the amazing visual minds of great directors and great cinematographers. And when they're disappointing? Well, shrug. Then just go read the book again. (Can't wait for The Golden Compass!!)


Alex S said...

Can we plan right now to not work December 7-the day Golden Compass comes out- and go see the very first showing?/??? I can't wait for it. By then we will both be at our WW goals and can get a big bowl of popcorn too. Plus popcorn goes very good with bright blue hair. Two more days til Blackbringer's release!!

Amber said...

Laini, I can't imagine having something so huge going on in your life as your books, and not thinking about it ALL the TIME! You can feel free to go on and on here-- we love to hear it. ;)

I also love movies made from books, and don't really care much if they suck out loud. But I always try to read the book first. I get so happy when a book I think would make a great movie gets made into a film.


Anonymous said...

hi laini,

i went and got the first temeraire book after you mentioned it here, and i loved it too! will definitely be getting the next two.
personally, i would be beside myself with joy if they would cast Ioan Gruffud in the role.

Deirdre said...

Is there a particular dagger you're looking for - or will you know the right one when you find it? I love a book with that kind of research behind it.

My local bookstore doesn't have any record of your book being ordered! I had (kind) words with them about that.

I have decided that I'm going to read fantasy again, all the time. I'm so tired of reality - I want adventure. I'll get Temeraire later, there's another book I need to read first. :)

Perfect casting for The Time Traveler's Wife. I didn't even know it was going to be a movie. I love that book.

Amber Lough said...

I'm excited about The Golden Compass, too, and had to watch all the trailers I could find. They could not have picked a better actress for Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman).

I think I'd be beside myself the week of my first book going out in stores - I'd not be able to think of anything else! It'd have to be one of those weeks where I lounge about eating peanut butter from a spoon, journaling about my self-absorbed excitement, and driving about aimlessly listening to rhythmic music from Africa.

Oh, and about that peanut butter... I'm on WW too. And I have no idea how many points I ate today. (I'm afraid to do the math.)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I have the mathematical word for you ... a Pythagorean. Like the Math Whiz socks I'm knitting which is a Pythagorean pattern. I found this definition for those who might wonder what it means ... http://www.fourfoldpath.org/pythagorean.htm
And just because I work in M.I.T.'s Mathematical Dept. doesn't mean I knew what it was either before starting my socks. LOL

I have your book on pre-order with Amazon.com. Hope they get it quickly 'coz I don't have time to browse the bookstores, but I don't want to be the last one to read it either. ;-)

Kim G. said...

How great to be that immersed in the writing that the real world just pales in comparison. I think that's just great!

Any news on local readings? My kids and I are looking forward to getting our hands on a copy and reading more about Magpie and her friends. :)

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Happy book birthday, Laini!!!!


Congratulations, and I hope you have a wonderful, magical day.

Your Penguin Sister,

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Woohoo, Amazon just sent a message that they've shipped Faeries of Dreamdark to me!

Erin said...

I just found your blog in cloth-paper-scissors. I looove your little ladies.

I just read here that they are making the Time Traveler's Wife?! Crazy. They had better not botch it. That book is magic to me. Glad they cast Rachel MacAdams though... she can act. And since the Notebook made me weep hysterically... I know she'll be doing the same with this one.

Congrats on your book!