Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ooh, yeah, taxes!!

Things to be grateful for:
  • not being stalked by vampires*
  • having ten fingers, ten toes, and the appropriate number of other parts
  • having someone good to kiss
  • not being stalked by zombies*
  • having four different nap spots to choose from in the house
  • that my body is not being occupied by disembodied alien ghosts (that I know of)
  • having an imagination that allows me to dream up interesting fates for my enemies (just kidding -- I don't have enemies, although I hear tell they can be quite the spice of life)
  • not living in a place plagued by bombings and killings
  • or famine and drought
  • or tsunami or hurricane
  • or dictatorship
  • or angry ghosts or mutant sea turtles or fickle gods
  • getting to be a tax-paying member of a free society -- I mean, how awesome is that?

Yep. Just trying to convince myself how happy I am to go off to see the accountant today. Riding my unicorn there and whistling all the way. Hope you have a fabulous day too!

P.S. Of all fabulous things, I've seen my first photo of a kid dressed up as my main character, Magpie Windwitch! What a rite of passage that is for a fantasy writer! She did a great job, and I love that she chose to make her face look dirty, since Magpie, faerie though she may be, is much more interested in hunting devils than in personal hygiene! She had a knife too. Yeah.

*I'm ambivalent about these two because I actually think it would be kind of cool to be stalked by vampires and/or zombies. Does anyone else think that, or is it just me?


la vie en rose said... are too cute! hope all this positive thinking helps ease the pain...

Tinker said...

Can you deduct the cost of the feed for the unicorn as a business deduction?
We still need to do ours - thanks for helping me keep it in perspective.

p.s. Though it sounds kind of cool, I think I have enough on my hands with stalker vampires or zombies...I'd probably just end up feeling sorry for them and try to befriend them, then hook them up with the blood bank or the local voodoo priestess...

Tinker said...

I meant to say 'withOUT' stalker vampires or zombies...just thought I should clarify that.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey what a coincidence! I have someone good to kiss too! :)

And how do YOU know you're not being stalked by vampires and zombies? What I haven't told you until now is that I'M who Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created based on. It was when I was more muscular (i.e. - "Buffed") and Joss Whedon spied me staking some vamps, and well, the rest is history!


Saddam In The House said...

Oh now its letting me log in! The connection between the underworld and Google is very spotty!

Deirdre said...

Well, when the tax accountant gratitude sets in completely let me know how that works. I'm going to need a dose of that.

Will you be able to share the photo? Maybe you'll have to hold a contest to see who looks the most like Magpie. Oh...this could be fun!

xegbp said...

If only I were being stalked by vampires and zombies. Sometimes they seem less scary then the real world.

Anonymous said...

In the "old days" I would have lopped your head right off for deleting my comment on your blog but I guess its a real testament to how much I have evolved that I only feel the urge to have fireants nibble on you for a couple thousand hours. But don't push it. Delete another comment of mine and you'll have the wrath of Saddam (and Slobodan adds "Slo's too")to wrangle with.

January said...

As long as your accountant is not a vampire or some other sort of blood sucker, than I guess it's okay. Hope your visit was painless.

Great list!

davesap said...

Hooray for the kid dressing up as Magpie. That must be quite a special kid!

Anonymous said...

As the costume girl's mom, I must say she was quite impressive!! (Even if I 'm supremely biased.) She even made a paper crow and a badge that said "Magruwen's Champion" on her sweater, though those didn't show up in the photo very well. She then spent the day (Purim - a Jewish holiday when children dress up as part of the celebration; kind of like Halloween in that respect) explaining who Magpie is and why everyone she knows should read the book. A little walking advertisement. And best of all, the entire costume was her own idea - designed and executed by her 9 year-old self. :)

Anonymous said...

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