Saturday, January 06, 2007

And eggnog goes extinct

Boo hoo, no more eggnog in our coffee until next fall. No more Christmas tree either. The garbage men were hauling away the poor old trees today so we stripped all the ornaments off in a flash and put them in piles on the sofa and in bowls to put away later. Now the living room looks bald and sad, but the ornament piles are so pretty I had to take pictures (I love my new camera!).

Also, in praise of colorful homes, here are some pictures of my friend Maggie's house. Love that color! Imagine a whole street of house painted such dazzling, fun colors. I'd want to walk up and down it all day. If I were the type to get involved with community projects I would be spearheading a movement to make that happen somewhere. But I'm not. I'm the type who wants to stay inside my own yellow house all day and not answer the phone. So.

Happy weekend, folks. And Sunday Scribblings this week is about kissing, so if you get a whim to tell a kiss story, you are cordially invited to do so.

P.S. It is a dangerous world we live in. It hit me last night that you can be sitting right in front of the fire in your Captain Kirk-y leather chair, feet up, laptop in lap not even plugged in, and because you have wireless you can look up something on Amazon, and because Amazon knows you so well (and loves you), it will invite you to buy things without even getting up to fetch your credit card. So, you can buy books without even moving and they will arrive at your door. I think this is some kind of dark magic. I think I love this dark dangerous magic.


Anonymous said...

LOL at amazon as a dark satanic force! Fab isn't it?

lizardek said...

Your ornaments are all BEEOOTIFUL!

And you would love our neighborhood. It's like a rainbow of fruit flavors. There are 40 houses and they are dark blue light blue, red, dark green, light green, yellow, white, brown, grey, orange, and all of them have different color window and door trims as well. :)

jennifer said...

I just experienced some of that black magic from amazon last night... very spooky yet very delightful as well!

sophie said...

I collect vintage Christmas
balls and keep them out all year
long in a bowl!
So don't put them away!

In Vancouver there is a street
with huge old homes and every
single house is painted
in a gumdrop color - and there are
old wagons and bikes out front of these home with baskets of flowers
and vibrant painted benches -
the street is lined with massive
swaying old trees and you feel
like you are in an enchanted woods
as you walk along your way
waiting for a pixie on a bike to
swoop you off your feet:)

Alex S said...

Maggie's house does look wonderful! Thanks for sharing the photo! I'll be using that deluxe camera for my "after" photo! Amazon is dangerous, esp if you don't even have to pause to reconsider as you run to your wallet.I think you'd better cancel your wireless AND your credit card and then let me get miles again!

madelyn said...


phones are NOT for answering -

trouble every time:)

Tinker said...

I'm eating up the colors in the house and the ornaments. I especially love that shade of blue in your kitchen. I might not ever leave it if ours was that color (and who knows, it might be soon - since we're currently looking at paint chips).
I'm in the market for a new camera soon, too - any recommendations?

I think I'm glad I don't have wireless - that black magic of the Amazon sounds too powerful for me!

Anonymous said...

You know, you could live dangerously, and drink eggnog even in January!

Laini Taylor said...

Neil -- Alas, we would, but the stores don't have it anymore!

Tinker -- isn't that a great color blue? It's in Maggie's house, not mine. I say go for it and make a bold paint choice!

Sophie & Lizardek -- those neighborhoods sound divine. Portland needs one!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little house--I want to be her neighbor so I can look at it all day long. And I agree with the Amazon thing, I always have wanted to know, how does it magically know it's me?

Anonymous said...

Love all the color ornaments together! Makes me want to buy more different colored ornaments for next year! So pretty.

btw...indeed a lovely kind of dark magic!!


Michelle said...

The ornaments are beautiful as is your friend's house-love the funky color.

Amazon is deep dark delicious magic for sure.

Anonymous said...

If Amazon is a deep, dark force, then knowing your credit card number (including those silly three digits on the back side) is Satan alive...

I looove me some internet shopping...